Lais Ribeiro Dons Pink Bikini On Instagram

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Lais Ribeiro’s steady stream of new photos from this year’s Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition has her fans going wild. In particular, she posed for a new photo while wearing a pink bikini that has received over 29,000 likes so far. For the shot, Ribeiro posed on her back while arching it, accentuating her curves. The model lay on the side of a pool, as her right arm fell into the water, and she grabbed her head with her left hand. The bikini top had a classic cut, and Lais gave a serious, yet sultry look for the shot.

And while the model’s been busy sharing bikini pics, her newest post is different. In it, Ribeiro posed in a brightly patterned dress that covered her up. She wore a turtleneck dress with long sleeves. The design included yellow crosses, and red and blue squiggles, along with abstract shapes in purple outlined with white.

All of the colors worked together to create an impactful and eye-catching ensemble. Lais completed the look with bright red lipstick, and slicked her hair back. It was geotagged in Miami, Florida. This is no surprise, considering that Sports Illustrated is hosting their two-day magazine launch event to celebrate this year’s edition of the swimsuit edition.

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With that being said, Lais’ updates haven’t been bikinis-only. In late April, she shared a photo that received over 53,000 likes. In it, the model posed in skimpy pink lingerie while laying on a bed with white sheets. For the shot, Ribeiro wore a deep pink lipstick and shimmery eyeliner.

In additional news, fans might be interested to know some of the personal information she shared during an interview with Teen Vogue. In particular, Ribeiro discussed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and how it differs from other luxury brand runways.

“We can get loose and be ourselves. We can be confident and strong — and show off our personality. Sometimes, you get so nervous because you want to prove yourself and with so many people watching, you want to show them who you really are.”

“I think Victoria’s Secret always got that point. The show features women from every place you can imagine. Victoria’s Secret helps to build our confidence up [by sending the message] that you can be different, and it’s beautiful, and it should be considered normal,” added Lais.

And it’s true that Victoria’s Secret employs models from a diverse background. During last year’s show, Kelsey Merritt became the first Filipino woman to take part as a model. And this year, Alexina Graham was named a VS Angel as the first redhead to join the ranks.

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