Sommer Ray Flaunts Her Insane Bikini Body In New Instagram Video

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Sommer Ray delighted her fans by posting a lighthearted video where she models a bikini from her new line — only to have her sunglasses “kill her vibe.”

Sommer, who is known for her ample derriere and great sense of humor, has over 20 million followers on Instagram and is one of the world’s most popular social media celebs. She recently launched a clothing line, Shop Sommer Ray, which features swimwear, athleisure, and other casual clothing.

The bikini that Sommer models in the video is the triangle bra bikini top and skinny high cut bikini bottom, both in the color pink snake. The top retails for $17.99 and the bottom retails for $14.99.

In the video, Sommer struts around, flaunting her insane bikini body on a beach surrounded with lush palmed greenery. Her gold jewelry accentuates her deep tan. Sommer walks away from the camera, does a couple of twirls, and starts to walk back. While walking back, she attempts to put her sunglasses on.

However, her sunglasses appeared to have gotten stuck in her hair, and Sommer giggles as she tries to free them from her bohemian messy up-do. She eventually gives up and leans off camera, laughing as she comments “I suck.”

Her fans certainly did not think that Sommer “sucked,” however, with over 2,600 positive comments, such as ones claiming that Sommer was “perfect” and “the cutest.”

Even Paris Hilton left a note, using the peach and heart-eyed emoji to show her love for the video.

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Many comments remarked on Sommer’s fantastic body. Sommer told Galore Magazine that her secret for staying in shape is remembering that her goal is herself.

“I feel that people lose motivation when they get motivated for the wrong reasons. Girls may want to workout for that summer bod, or after going through a bad breakup. But I always make sure my motivation comes from the intent of my wanting to better myself.”

Sommer Ray also had some advice for girls who were struggling with comparing themselves to those who were fitter, thinner, or stronger, by sharing her mentality when she would compete in the National Physique Committee at just 16.

“But honestly, I never compared myself, so it didn’t matter that the judges did. I was confident in the hard work and the dedication I put in for myself. So at the end of the day, I know myself and I’m content in the woman I am. And when you are, you are incomparable.”

Sommer’s video has already been viewed over 925,000 times.