‘General Hospital’ Fans Are Confused Over How Laura & Curtis Ended Up At Same Place As Maxie & Peter

Michael YadaABC

Friday’s episode of General Hospital got viewers buzzing, but probably not for the reason that writers intended. Throughout the course of the week, viewers have been watching Maxie and Peter finally start out their big first date and he was whisking her off on a romantic trip. However, as the week wrapped, Laura and Curtis were suddenly staying at the same place and crashing in Maxie and Peter’s room.

Viewers know that Curtis and Laura have been in Canada trying to find the woman who may be helping Ryan stay missing. Unbeknownst to them, they may have come quite close to finding him, but so far, they think they’ve hit dead end after dead end.

Eventually, it seems that Laura and Curtis were ready to head back to Port Charles but a snowstorm put their travel plans on hold. They apparently ran into Maxie in the hotel lobby and Maxie threw Peter off when she brought them up to the room and insisted they stay together since the hotel was sold out.

The problem with this is that as far as viewers knew, Peter and Maxie were nowhere near Canada. Rather, they had supposedly been flying to Paris. He surprised her with the destination and gave her hints about how it was an international city near a river filled with romantic bridges with a famous tower built by someone named Eiffel.

At one point of the flight, Peter did worry that perhaps taking Maxie to Paris was too much and he said he was going to have the pilot turn the plane around. However, Maxie stopped him and said that whether they did Paris during this trip or in a week, this was about moving on from Nathan and accepting it was time.

How then did Laura and Curtis run into Maxie in a hotel lobby in Canada? She had told Peter she was running next door for a quick purchase, implying that she needed something more romantic for what was ahead than what she had packed. When she returned, somehow everybody was in Canada.

What a lot of viewers seemed to miss is a few tidbits of Maxie and Peter’s conversation that seems to have revealed that their flight got rerouted to Canada due to weather issues. They talked about how he made all sorts of plans and now everything had changed, and while it certainly could have probably been made more clear, it does seem to explain how everybody was in Canada at the same time.

It looks like the bulk of the General Hospital viewers who noticed this are all collectively confused and Twitter had plenty to say about this.

One viewer tweeted, “I’m still confused if we are in Paris or Canada! #WhereInTheWorldIsPaxieAndLaurtis #gh”

Another General Hospital fan nailed it when they tweeted, “Even Peter seemed surprised by Laura and Curtis teleportation to Paris. #GH”

Everybody will have to wait and see whether executive producer Frank Valentini or anybody else with General Hospital adds some clarification on how this surprising interaction came to be. Some fans who picked it up initially or have rewatched the episode have mentioned these relatively subtle comments on Peter and Maxie’s part.

Those tidbits do seem to explain how this came to be. However, based off of the viewer reaction on Twitter, it certainly seems that many General Hospital viewers completely missed this change of venue and were left pretty confused by the ending with Laura and Curtis.