Lyna Perez Shakes Thonged Booty In Outrageously Tiny Bikini

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With an Instagram bio that states: “I basically live in a bikini,” Lyna Perez is living up to her words. Lyna’s May 10 update features the model in a signature two-piece, and the video format is proving immensely popular.

Today’s footage comes as a booty-flaunting, music-grinding display. Shot outdoors amid a background of swaying palms and grassy lawns, Lyna is poolside. Her orange string bikini is minimal, but the effect it’s having is maximal. While side boob-flashing and a thong-clad rear are likely contributing to the positive feedback, it’s Perez’s sheer enthusiasm that seems to have nailed this update’s success. Lyna quite simply seems to be enjoying herself. She’s dancing to the music, flipping her hair back and forth, and she’s smiling throughout.

Instagram users appear so enthralled, they’re admitting to potential hazards.

“Almost crashed by this got to [sic] distracted,” one user wrote.

“I’d break up with my girl for you no cap,” another fan wrote.

Amusingly, Lyna personally replied to the comment.

“lmao is she hot?” she wrote.

With a sense of humor and a reputation for interacting positively with her fanbase, it’s no surprise why this sensation has 3.8 million followers.

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Snapchat: Lynaritaa ????

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Today’s update suggests a possible throwback situation. Lyna’s caption has asked fans to “comment some throwbacks like this?” In return, she has promised to “love you forever.” Given that very few comments appear to have acknowledged the question, it does, indeed seem that Instagram has lost it.

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Let's play rate this bikini (1-10)????

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With its skimpy swimsuits and cheeky dances, Lyna’s Instagram might mimic those of her peers, but this account stands out from the crowd. It showcases an especially witty girl who captions her images with a punch. Lyna’s “Hoechella” video (seen below) remains one of her wittiest puns.

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Hoechellla???? Who wants to join me next year?

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Perez also differs from the platform’s models by virtue of not acting as an influencer. As companies like Fashion Nova snap up countless young females to promote their merchandise, brand shout-outs have become commonplace. Captions inevitably come with “@fashionnova,” and the model finds herself pigeon-holed into the promotional category.

Fellow model, Abby Dowse is a Fashion Nova ambassador. With a higher following, Ana Cheri fronts CBD brand, Ignite. For Lyna, however, promotion doesn’t appear to have much appeal. Her 3.8 million-strong following has likely invited brand collaboration, and it can only be assumed that Perez has declined it.

Lyna is followed by “Bodak Yellow” rapper Cardi B. Likewise keeping tabs on Perez are models Eriana Blanco, Reya Sunshine, Savanna Rehm, and Sveta Bilyalova.