Mathilde And Pauline Tantot Go Fully Topless In Airplane Bathroom Selfie

Rebecca Cukier

Airplane bathrooms may be cramped, but they're proving spacious enough for two. French twin models Mathilde and Pauline Tantot appear to be occupying one, although specific details of their flight haven't been shared.

On May 10, Pauline updated her Instagram. The picture shows the Paris-based model and her twin posing for a selfie. As the caption states, the twins have decided to "make" a selfie in an airplane bathroom. The girls are fully topless, using only their hands to cover their modesty. A digitally-placed icon reading "cute" has been placed over one of the twin's nipples. Clearly, there's only so much that a set of human hands can manage. The snap comes particularly eye-catching given that one sister is sticking her tongue out.

Comments have been pouring in. One user summed up their thoughts in a comment.

"A Classic portrait of 2 sister [sic] on an airplane"
"Yeah you've done stuff together. Don't lie"

Risqué appearances from this set of siblings have already made headlines. Earlier this month, The Inquisitr reported Pauline and Mathilde flaunting their peachy rears in a thong-centric snap. Despite their NSFW nature, updates from these twins have a fresh and spontaneous appeal – likely a contributor to their popularity. A 2018 update from Pauline (seen below) saw the sisters take to a Paris balcony. The curvy rears in the foreground may have been the snap's focal point, but the ornate Haussman architecture in the background afforded an aspect rarely seen from Instagram's scantily-clad models.

The Tantot sisters may not have reached EmRata's level of fame, but they're getting there. Pauline's picture racked up over 47,000 likes within one hour of being posted.