May 10, 2019
WWE News: Former World Champion Receives Phone Call From President Donald Trump

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger is preparing for a fight this weekend at Bellator 221. Swagger, now known as Jake Hager, will take on beef plant worker T.J. "Tombstone" Jones, who is 1-1 in the world of MMA. While he may stand a chance against Hager, Jones is not the one who received a good-luck phone call from President Donald Trump ahead of this fight.

Swagger was built up as one of the next big things during his time in WWE, a status which led to him winning multiple titles. He was the ECW Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, and U.S. Champion, and also captured the Money in the Bank briefcase during his years with the company.

After parting ways with WWE, Swagger reverted to his real last name and moved to the independent circuit. The wrestler also spent some time in Lucha Underground. The fighter's focus, though, has moved to MMA -- and he's been working on advancing his career in an octagon instead of a ring.

Hager has an MMA record of 1-0 as he's still trying to find his footing in the world of professional fighting. However, he's already caught the attention of a lot of people. One of those people happens to be President Donald Trump, who took the time to place a phone call to one of his supporters, wishing him luck in his upcoming fight.

Earlier this year, Hager spoke with The New York Post before making his debut in Bellator. The fighter discussed a number of topics regarding his career and political beliefs. Hager did not hide the fact that he's a Trump supporter, even though the president has made some "outrageous claims" in the past.
"I'm a conservative. I voted for Donald Trump and back in 2016 everybody was talking about, 'Oh my God, here's another TV character trying to run for the presidency.' They didn't really take him seriously. He made some outrageous claims like, 'Make America Great Again' and build this wall and stuff like that. I was somewhat on the fence then but two years later going into his third year, I am so happy about the progress that he has made and I really don't understand why so much of the media and everybody wants to portray him as such a negative president when it's unprecedented what he's done."
Many wrestling fans may remember Hager's last run in WWE as Jack Swagger, particularly when he portrayed a character who was a political activist. Before and after each match, Swagger would place his hand over his heart and shout "We The People" -- a phrase which caught on among fans who loved him as well as those who hated him.

Jack Swagger strikes a supportive pose when heading to the ring in WWE.

Eventually, the relationship between Swagger and WWE soured, which led to him requesting his release from the company on three different occasions. Eventually, he was granted his release in mid-March of 2017. Hager then moved on to continue his career in independent wrestling.

Jake Hager has never hidden his political affiliation, and he's been proud of it ever since being in the spotlight with WWE. Now, he's in the world of MMA -- and looking ahead to his second professional fight with Bellator this weekend. If he was looking for any kind of motivation, the former Jack Swagger certainly received it in a call from President Donald Trump.