Cher Blasts Ivanka, Donald Trump Jr. In Heated Twitter Post

Jenny AndersonGetty Images

Music icon Cher has spoken up numerous times over the past few years to share her opinion regarding President Donald Trump, his family, and his political policies. On Thursday, she did so again, sharing some screen shots of past headlines related to a couple of the president’s offspring — and adding her own swipe of criticism.

Cher’s tweet included several screen shots, and her caption read, “HERE ARE THE, ‘LET THEM EAT [cake emoji], TRUMPS [skull emoji] NOT ONE OF THEM WORTH A D*MN [fire emoji].”

One of the screen shots was from an Irish Examiner article posted quite some time ago, one that noted a tweet from actor Hugh Grant regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s love of big game hunting. Grant, in his original post, quipped that Americans frequently asked him to define the British slang word “w*nker.” Apparently, Grant felt that the photo of Trump Jr. fit the bill.

Another screen shot from Cher included searches that brought up other headlines related to the Trump family’s love of big game hunting. In addition, there was a screen shot filled with headlines related to Ivanka Trump — headlines focused on the number of Chinese trademark applications of hers that have been approved.

Cher has 3.65 million followers on Twitter, and this particular post drove a fair amount of engagement. As of this writing, said post has received more than 500 comments, was shared 262 times, and was loved 1,500 times.

The comments did vary quite a bit, though. Numerous Cher fans simply shared artwork featuring her that they had created, noting that they loved her. Quite a few fans commented specifically on their distaste for big game hunting, and some defended hunting trips like those that Don Jr. takes.

Of those fans who replied about the Trumps more specifically, it seems that most were in support of Cher’s particular stance. For example, one tweet said that it was heartbreaking that the Trump family held power in the United States.

Another Twitter post read, “I love thinking about Cher sitting in bed on her phone at one am googling this in all caps this woman has the anger and the will to rage tweet all the way through this presidency and that’s the energy we all need.”

Not everybody on Twitter fully agreed with Cher, and some users came down somewhere in the middle.

“I agree that our wild animals should NOT be killed for trophies! I love most of what President Trump does. However, I am very much opposed to anyone killing just to elevate themselves.”

As Fox News details, Cher recently tweeted specifically about Ivanka and the aforementioned Chinese trademarks. The singer has posted specifically about President Trump, as well. It doesn’t look as if this latest post from Cher has drawn any response from anybody in the Trump orbit.