Prince Harry & Meghan Markle May Face Fallout After Witholding Baby Archie Birth Announcement By Seven Hours

Dominic Lipinski Getty Images

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle may have to deal with the fallout from the press after reportedly holding out on the news of their son Archie’s birth for hours after he was born.

While the royal couple did explain that they wanted to have some private time as a couple before making their debut alongside their son to the press, one royal expert is furious that their comments seemed to apply to Markle’s delivery as well.

The couple announced on their official Instagram that they welcomed a baby boy into the world at 5:26 am on Monday, May 6, weighing in at seven pounds and three ounces. Royal watchers were confused when less than one hour earlier, Buckingham Palace revealed the Duchess of Sussex had been in labor. While the duchess could have had a quick delivery, it was revealed otherwise and some royal watchers were none too pleased.

The Daily Express reported that Royal expert Duncan Larcombe told the outlet he was “furious” at the delay in announcing Meghan’s labor. stating it could present issues with the press moving forward.

Larcombe gave his opinion on the royal family’s gaffe and the implications it could present for the couple in the future.

“I think with the press that Harry probably doesn’t ever like the press. But I think there is a danger that by shutting them out time and time again. We saw it at the wedding in comparison to William and Kate, we have seen it again with this royal birth. And then there was the email announcing that she had gone into labor and it turned out seven hours earlier the baby had been born.”

Larcombe followed his statement by remarking that Buckingham Palace “cannot issue lies.”

Markle and Prince Harry continue to do things their own way in regards to royal life. It is unclear whether Harry is responsible for the change, if Markle has a part in it, or if this break from tradition has been something the couple has decided together.

Although they did not shy away from public events throughout their first year of marriage nor throughout Markle’s pregnancy, when they seemed to court the attention, the couple was determined to keep their baby’s birth as private an event as possible.

Royal watchers have also questioned the couple’s decision to move 25 miles away from the rest of the royal clan to Frogmore Cottage, where they can live a more quiet life than the hustle and bustle of London. They were also puzzled as to why the couple would choose to split from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Instagram page, where the four were seen as a tight-knit group and forge their own social media following, choosing whom to follow and what issues they would tackle in the future on their own Instagram page.

The Daily Express reported that Markle was believed to have given birth at the Portland Hospital in London.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on May 19.