Beth Chapman Tweet Has Fans Concerned She Might Be Dying: ‘I Was Hoping To At Least See It Air’

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife Beth Chapman has fans concerned that she’s in her last days of life after a Friday morning tweet suggested that she might not make it through the year, Pop Culture reports.

As you may know, Beth and Duane have been working on a new show, Dog’s Most Wanted, that until recently had been scheduled to debut on WGN America this year. However, late Thursday night Beth retweeted another user’s tweet about the upcoming show; the post that she retweeted promoted the show, saying it was coming this year. But Beth wrote “Apparently not this year” followed by a sad-faced emoji.

Another Twitter user responded to Beth’s tweet by saying that she had been waiting for some time to see the show. Beth responded in a tweet of her own, saying, “I know me to [sic] I was hoping to at least see it air,” followed by an emoji of a hand over a mouth.

Beth, as you may know, is battling cancer.

Several fans took her response to that tweet to mean that she wouldn’t live until next year when the show is now (apparently) scheduled to air.

One user, for example, wrote that she thought Beth was broadly hinting at something.

“Something telling me you know more about something your [sic] not telling us.”

Another mentioned her cancer diagnosis directly.

“Does this have to do with the cancer or the air date. Hope all is well.”

Multiple other users wished her well, with many telling her that she would indeed live to see her new show air.

As of this writing, there is no real indication that Beth Chapman’s cancer battle has entered its final stages; there’s only speculation.

As for her and Duane’s new WGN show being pushed back a year, it’s unclear why or even if the show is being pushed back. However, WGN had never officially announced when the show was going to debut. Pop Culture notes that it was merely “expected” to debut in 2019, possibly in the fall. What’s more, there’s no indication, other than Beth’s tweet, that there had ever been an official or unofficial air date, or why it’s being pushed back.

Regardless of when her new show is going to air, Beth and Duane are keeping busy hunting fugitives. As The Inquisitr reported this week, Beth and Duane helped capture Leonard Trujillo Jr., who had been one of the most wanted fugitives in the United States.