‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Case Of Finn’s Missing Engagement Ring

Michael YadaABC Press

Thursday’s General Hospital revealed that Robert Scorpio left Finn’s engagement ring on the counter at Kelly’s. He had it in his hand right before that, but Sonny wanted to talk to him about Dante. The men headed outside to talk and Robert left it sitting there. Someone found it, which could be a good thing. However, it was Mike and that could end up being disastrous.

Finn is now more positive than ever that he wants to propose to Anna Devane, especially after their talk on Thursday’s episode. He has a huge night of surprises for her, but first he needs that ring back from Robert. He called the WSB agent and left a message that he needs it back right now. Unfortunately, he no longer has it. For next week’s episodes, SheKnows Soaps indicates that he will lose something important — Finn’s ring.

Robert lost it with Anna right before he headed to Kelly’s. He was upset at the time and had the ring in his hand. He left it there and Mike found it. Mike got a sentimental look on his face. It looks like he may be thinking about his lady love, Yvonne. This could very well be the surprise proposal that The Inquisitr had previously reported. It’s supposed to happen at the Nurses Ball, and it’s certainly gearing towards that way.

It appears that Robert is stalling in giving Finn the ring back. All signs point to Robert not wanting to let his ex, the mother of his child, go for good. Many General Hospital fans believe that he is still in love with Anna, which is why he is giving her and Finn a hard time.

Now that the ring is missing, Finn will most likely assume that Robert did something to it on purpose to keep him from proposing. Anna is caught in the middle between the man she used to be in love with and the man who she has currently fallen for. Robert once told Finn that Anna will never settle down, but it looks like she could be ready now.

General Hospital spoilers tease that she will receive mixed messages from both men. This appears to mean that she could possibly believe that Finn isn’t as interested in a future together as she is. Finn will be rattled when he finds out the engagement ring has gone missing. Will Robert finally reveal his true feelings to Anna?

There will be another obstacle coming up this summer as well. Rebecca Budig is coming back to reprise her role as Finn’s ex, Hayden Barnes. She will most likely be bringing his baby back to Port Charles with her. That will certainly cause some tension between Finn and Anna.

Keep watching General Hospital next week to see Finn’s reaction to the news of the missing ring.