Ciara Strips Off Completely To Celebrate The Release Of ‘Beauty Marks’

Ethan MillerGetty Images

In the lead up to the release for Ciara’s seventh studio album, Beauty Marks, she’s been posting exclusive never-seen-before photos to promote the record.

Last night, Ciara uploaded a photo where she is baring it all. The only thing the “Body Party” entertainer appears to have on is her Nike sneakers and nothing else. She is sitting comfortably on a raised square base and has positioned her body to cover all the parts she doesn’t want us to see. The “Goodies” chart-topper’s hair has been straightened and is super long, going down past her booty. She has styled it in a high ponytail as she stares into the camera lens. In her Instagram caption, Cici admits she’s bearing all and teases that her album is out for the world to hear in one hour from when she uploaded it. The other exclusive photo shoot images she recently shared to promote her record this week have all been in black-and-white. This one is in color.

The beautiful, eye-catching photo has been liked over 400,000 times on Instagram within six hours of it’s upload. It has been commented on over 5,000 times and has received a mixed reaction. While Ciara looks absolutely stunning, some people think she’s crossed the line posing naked as a married woman. Ciara has been married to Russell Wilson since 2016 and their love for each other proves to be strong. Cici is a very smart businesswoman and knows how to get people talking about her. These images show a different side to the “Dance Like Were Making Love” hitmaker as she poses in a more vulnerable manner while still showing herself respect.

Posing nude isn’t new to Ciara as she also is on her new album cover, although covered in body paint, which The Inquisitr noted.

Earlier in the week, Ciara shared a Sade-inspired photo to her Instagram, which was very classic and timeless looking. The Inquisitr reported the image complementing her sharp jawline, smooth skin, and cheekbones that popped in a side profile shot. In another upload, she revealed more by posing in full length without her pants on, showing off the bottom half of her body, per The Inquisitr.

Earlier this week, Ciara turned up at the Met Gala event in style. In a video clip uploaded to her Instagram account, she revealed she became the first person to ever twerk on the red carpet, claiming that history had been made. The Inquisitr announced this as she did it with musician Big Freedia while dancing to her single “Play.”

Ciara’s latest single releases, “Level Up,” “Freak Me” featuring Tekno, “Dose,” “Greatest Love,” and “Thinkin Bout You,” are all included on the new record. Other collaborations include Kelly Rowland and Macklemore.