Miley Cyrus Teases New Music On Social Media, Sending Fans Into A Frenzy

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

It has been six months since Miley Cyrus released her latest single, “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart,” and nearly two years since she graced her listeners with a full album. While it’s never a bad idea to revisit some of the singer’s old music, fans are anxious for some new tunes from the singer, and it appears that wish is about to be granted.

As Entertainment Tonight noted, the 26-year-old took to both her Instagram and Twitter accounts yesterday with a frenzy-inducing message for her fans: “SHE IS COMING.” The posts — which were quite hard to miss given the strobe effect they have — included very little context aside from cryptic three-word phrase they contained, but eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that the star had updated her bios on both social media platforms as well.

“SHE IS COMING,” her bio said, echoing the latest additions to her feeds, though it was followed by something else: the date, May 30.

Naturally, Miley’s followers jumped to the conclusion that new music would be released from the singer by the end of the month, sending them absolutely wild.

“MY BODY AND THESE EARS ARE READYYYY,” one fan commented on Instagram.

“Yess I’m so excited queen Miley,” wrote another.

Others questioned if the “she” was referring to Miley’s iconic alter ego, Hannah Montana, and questioned whether or not it would actually be the Disney Channel character making a return to the music scene. While Hannah has been in retirement for nearly a decade now, Miley’s latest hair style was a direct homage to the character, fueling the idea even more.

Unfortunately, at this point, it isn’t clear just what it is that’s on its way. Some have theorized that the phrase may be the name of the singer’s highly anticipated seventh studio album, and an indication that the entire thing will be available at the end of May. Others think that May 30 will only bring a new single from the artist. Regardless of what, exactly, it is that’s coming, fans are certainly pumped — especially because Miley confirmed that her album is complete — and some ears have already heard it.

In another post to her Twitter account early on Thursday morning, the pop star revealed to her 42.4 million followers that she played her new project for some people over at iHeartRadio and, according to the singer, “they f**king flipped.”

“And so will you!” she added.

Miley previously dished on her upcoming album in an interview with Vanity Fair.

“There’s psychedelic elements, there’s pop elements, there’s more hip-hop-leaning records,” she explained, ultimately labeling it “just kind of a mosaic of all the things that I’ve been before.”