Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’ For Thursday: Brad Talks Too Much

Valerie DurantABC Press

Brad is getting in way over his head on ABC’s General Hospital. On Thursday’s show, he got some much needed help with his stress and tension he’s been facing. Unfortunately, it was with Shiloh. He went to the house to see the Dawn of Day leader. Brad is getting deeper and deeper into the cult, which will ultimately put his son in danger.

Shiloh has no idea that Willow gave birth to his son, or that she gave him up for adoption. The baby switch secret is all about to explode with plenty of casualties along the way. Brad was getting relief from his stress that he is under thanks to his confrontation with the baby’s birth mother. Down the road previews from Soap Central tease that Brad’s life as he knows it is about to collapse. It looks like this is just the beginning of that happening.

When Shiloh asked Brad what was eating away at him, he admitted that Wiley’s birth mother wouldn’t leave him and Lucas alone. It’s a good thing that Willow’s name wasn’t mentioned because Shiloh would know right away that she was pregnant with his child.

After Brad kept talking non-stop about her, Shiloh then offered to possibly help him with the situation by setting up a meeting with the birth mother. That would definitely put both Willow and Wiley in danger.

Willow told Chase on Thursday’s General Hospital that if Shiloh knew that Wiley was his baby, he could sue for custody since he wasn’t told about the pregnancy. She called Diane Miller to see what could be done to protect her son. No one but Brad and Nelle knows the real truth that Wiley actually died. In the end, only Michael would be getting custody of Wiley, aka Jonah. Until the big secret is revealed, Wiley is in danger of being taken by Shiloh.

Lucas isn’t happy with Brad. He knows that something is up. He went to Julian to find out what he knows. Julian claimed to know nothing, but then Brad showed up to Charlie’s. Lucas wanted Brad to know that he is there for him to discuss whatever is bothering him. He doesn’t have to turn to Dawn of Day for help. Will Brad listen?

General Hospital spoilers for later this month indicate that Lucas will connect the dots. This could very well mean that he finally gets a clue on why Willow Tait was so concerned about what happens to his baby.