May 9, 2019
Katie Holmes Has Not Agreed To Marry Jamie Foxx, Despite Tabloid Story

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's relationship has been cloaked in mystery for a long time. However, one tabloid claims that there's about to be a huge development in their story because they are allegedly getting married after Holmes "finally agreed to say I do." But if you think that this story sounds questionable, you're not alone. Celebrity news fact-checker Gossip Cop is on the case, and they report that it is nothing but fake news.

While the gossip watchdog admits that Foxx and Holmes have been more public about their romance of late, they insist that this does not mean that they are on the verge of getting married. They investigated OK Magazine's story by contacting a Foxx's rep who confirmed that there was no wedding in the cards for his client.

Foxx and Holmes also dispelled breakup rumors when they attended the Met Gala together recently. E! News published a photo of the couple standing close to one another and it appears that Foxx had a hand around her waist. This shot was taken inside of the venue and not on the highly publicized arrival space in front of the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. Holmes wore a stunning purple evening gown designed by Zac Posen on the night, while Fox wore a simple black suit.

On Twitter, some observers noticed that Foxx matched his shoes to his girlfriend's dress. Others admitted that they'd previously had no idea that the actors were dating each other.

One source explained Holmes and Foxx's decision to finally be open about their relationship to E!

"They are feeling more comfortable about being out in public together and not having to hide," they said. "They still don't want to have a public relationship, but it was a lot of effort to keep things under wraps and never be able to go out together. The burden of that has been lifted and they are feeling a lot more free to just go out and do normal things."

According to Marie Claire, it's been speculated that Holmes and Foxx started dating in 2013, just one year after Holmes' marriage to Tom Cruise fell apart. They were seen hanging out together and dancing at a party in The Hamptons in 2016. They reportedly decided on maintaining so much secrecy that they used disguises to protect their privacy.

Now they're out in the open, but it looks like they aren't ready to fully embrace the spotlight as a couple, given their decision to avoid getting their photo taken together on the "pink carpet" at the Met Gala.