Sofia Jamora Shakes Cleavage And Booty, Whips Chain In Naughty Video

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Sofia Jamora is a model who makes full use of Instagram’s video function. Her most recent update appears to be proving it.

On May 6, the California-born sensation posted a video. Three days later, comments are still pouring in. The footage shows Jamora in what appears to be her bathroom. Her ruched black evening dress is low-cut, super-tight, and it’s being showcased in a 360-degree display. Sofia is initially shot from the front. Prominent cleavage is visible, but so is a done-up look of hoop earrings, contoured features, and glossy lips. Jamora maintains direct eye contact with the camera for as long as possible – an eventual turnaround to show off her booty breaks the gaze. With background music audible, Sofia’s movements aren’t quite dancing (but they aren’t far off).

In a cheeky moment that sees the model smile, Sofia is seen grabbing a gold chain from her dress’ waistband. She clutches it, whips it, and pulls a naughty face. While the finish sees this brunette break down laughing, the overall feel works as a tongue-in-cheek video. Fans appeared to dig the entire thing. One sent the ultimate praise, per their comment.

“I need to unfollow you Bc you’re so perfect you make me feel bad about myself”

Another user seemed to have reached their limit. They wrote,

“Omg stop”

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may 6 ????????

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Many fans, however, simply left birthday wishes. Sofia does not appear to have announced turning another year older. Her caption mentioned the posting date with an emoji, but no reference to her special day was made. A quick glance through Sofia’s earlier posts likewise proves void of any birthday mentions. Clearly, this girl’s fans know her well.

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Sofia has 2.6 million Instagram followers. Her feed mostly channels natural vibes, although the odd snap will show Sofia donning a full face of makeup. By and large, though, this girl comes with a free-spirited approach. Her outdoor pictures are sun-drenched, Sofia can be seen horseback riding, and little about her seems staged.

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don’t sleep on me

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Sofia’s May 6 video doesn’t come as the first headline-making one. April saw The Inquisitr report Instagram “[struggling] to cope” after Jamora posted a dancing video of herself in a tiny string bikini. The post (seen above) has been viewed over 1.2 million times.

Skimpy clothing may be an expectation from Sofia’s fans, but a bit of a globetrotter is up there with it. Geo-tags have seen this model update her account from Italy, Mexico, plus stateside locations including Miami Beach and California. Sofia also attended Coachella 2019.

A geo-tag for Sofia’s most recent video was not provided. Something about the response is suggesting that it wasn’t needed, though.