Duchess Of Cornwall Had This Reaction After Seeing The First Picture Of Royal Baby Archie

Omer MessingerGetty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby, Archie, has been introduced to the world, but two very important people in his life haven’t met him yet, Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall and his grandfather, Prince Charles. The first in line to the British throne and his wife are currently on tour in Germany, so they missed all of the new baby developments. Camilla saw the first photo of the baby around the same time as the rest of the world, when The Sun photographer Arthur Edwards showed it to her while she was in Leipzig.

“As Camilla came out of a church into the square in Leipzig the photos of the baby dropped,” he said to The Sun. He offered to show the momentous photo and said that she said baby Archie looked “lovely.” Camilla reportedly told the photographer that he should show it to Prince Charles, but he was unable to do so.

Although he wasn’t in England to share in the joy of Archie’s birth in person, Prince Charles expressed his excitement about his new grandchild during a speech in Berlin.

“It is also a particular pleasure to be in Berlin again, especially as the grandfather of a brand new grandson,” he said in German.

Now that baby Archie has been born and named, there’s lots of speculation about the title he might receive when Prince Charles becomes king.

According to People Magazine, he’ll become a prince when Charles becomes king, as he’s the grandson of the reigning monarch. He technically could use the Earl Of Dumbarton as his courtesy title, but his parents have opted not to use that at this time. They can also choose to not use the prince title for their child as well.

“As the grandchildren of the Sovereign they have the right to be upgraded to the style of His or Her Royal Highness,” said Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine. “But that begs a question of whether Harry and Meghan want that.”

But it’s likely the parents of the newest addition of the British royal family aren’t too concerned about titles at the moment. They both seemed very excited to just be parents of a newborn. Both Harry and Meghan were beaming when they spoke about him. Meghan called becoming a new mom “magic” and called her husband and son, the best guys in the world. Archie’s dad expressed their happiness at having their own “bundle of joy” that they can nurture as he grows up. He even took the chance to make a joke about the baby already having facial hair.

Prince Charles and Camilla will likely see Archie soon after their return to England. The world will just have to wait and see whether there’ll be any photos of that moment.