WWE Rumors: WWE Hoping Racist Comments From Superstar Simply Stay Low And Disappear


There was already a lot of bad press and controversy surrounding Lars Sullivan before he ever made his debut on WWE’s main roster. And it hasn’t gotten any better since he made his debut, and, in fact, they may be worse. The Inquisitr recently reported that some past comments containing offensive and racist remarks from Sullivan have resurfaced, and instead of dealing with them, rumors say the WWE simply wants them to go away.

Most of the comments were made on the website Bodybuilding.com and were published more than a decade ago when Sullivan was 19- or 20-years-old. Sullivan referred to those with mental illnesses as being “pretty weak minded” and said a number of derogatory things about women, other races, and homosexuals.

There were even comments made about WWE owner Vince McMahon and how the entire McMahon family would exploit other races to earn money. The comments may have been made a long time ago, but they were extremely damaging and harsh to a lot of different people and groups.

Once the comments were made public again, it was believed that WWE would investigate the interview and comments that were made. WrestleVotes is reporting that WWE isn’t just aware of the racist comments made by Sullivan, but they are hoping they just won’t be a big deal.

If these comments are indeed found out to have been made by Lars Sullivan, and WWE does absolutely nothing about them, it’s going to make this an even bigger situation. Not only will it not just go away, but people will end up turning on them because they chose to ignore racism, sexism, and a lot of other horrible things.

Big E of The New Day has already made his feelings known about the whole situation and he held nothing back. WWE is a company “that is now filled with minorities” and even if Sullivan no longer feels the way he did when those comments were made, it won’t be a fun working environment for him.

The New Day stand united in the ring.
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Lars Sullivan was going to be pushed as the next big thing leading up to this year’s WrestleMania 35, but his anxiety and mental issues took over and kept him off the main roster. Since finally making his debut on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, he’s been destroying everyone who steps in his way.

One would think that these horribly offensive comments from Sullivan’s past would put a halt to his push while everything is sorted out. If the rumors are true, WWE is hoping that there won’t be a lot of trouble and that all of this will quietly fade away. Should they choose to go that option, things will not stay quiet and even bigger problems could be heading in their direction.