‘Hotter Than The Sun’ Lyna Perez Busts Out Of Outrageously Tiny Bikini

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Lyna Perez is a girl who lives up to her Instagram bio. “I basically live in a bikini” is the intro for this social media sensation, and May 9 is proving that Lyna sticks to her words.

Lyna’s latest update comes outdoors. A background of palms and ocean horizons afford a decidedly tropical setting; Lyna hasn’t provided a geotag, but her image suggests she’s somewhere warm. The picture shows Perez sitting at the edge of an infinity pool. Wood-paneled waters and a decorative fish statue look alluring, but fans are likely finding their eye drawn to the curvy brunette in the foreground. Lyna’s white bikini is barely containing her assets. High-cut briefs are likewise showcasing this model’s sensational curves.

Fan comments have been pouring in.

“Looking Fabulous and much much much hotter than [sic] Sun,” one wrote.

Another fan seemed a touch envious of the wooden statue by Lyna’s side, per their comment.

“The fish sculpture has a great view, I’m jealous,” they posted.

Perez is known for interacting with her fans.

“@big_willie_sixty_nine he’s kinda judging me,” she responded. Personal interaction between Perez and her fans has previously been documented by The Inquisitr. Last month, Lyna told a disapproving fan to “maybe try going to church?” after the fan found Perez’s swimwear too skimpy.

Lyna has 3.8 million followers. Her revealing bikini pictures make for an eye-popping feed, however this playful girl is equally known for her witty captions. Lyna’s “Hoechella” video (seen below) proved Lyna’s ability to combine Coachella with her risqué persona.

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Hoechellla???? Who wants to join me next year?

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With feminine curves, natural beauty, and a cheeky personality that’s reflected in her captions, Lyna is proving a hit on Instagram. The platform may be overflowing with scantily-clad models, but this one has an edge. Recent posts have seen Perez channel Lara Croft, and she asked her fans to “play rate this bikini.” Unsurprisingly, the post (seen below) saw fans dub Lyna a “perfect 10.”

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Let's play rate this bikini (1-10)????

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With a simple bio that lists her as a “public figure” and nothing more than her love of bikinis as an intro, Lyna’s Instagram comes void of promotional announcements. Lyna also appears to steer clear from brand name-dropping. While other models give frequent shout-outs to Fashion Nova or Pretty Little Thing, Perez doesn’t appear to act as an influencer. This girl is literally all about the sunshine and the bikinis.

Lyna is also followed by a major celebrity face. “Bodak Yellow” rapper Cardi B follows her. Likewise keeping tabs on Lyna are fellow models, Eriana Blanco, Reya Sunshine, and Sveta Bilyalova.