‘Hottest Person’ In The World, Tarsha Whitmore, Busts Out Of Tiny String Bikini

Tarsha WhitmoreInstagram

Being dubbed the “hottest person” on the planet is a tall order. Tarsha Whitmore’s May 8 Instagram update appears to have done just that.

The latest update from the Australian model comes in bikini form. It’s showing plenty of curves, plenty of color, and plenty of cleavage. The eye-catching snap shows Tarsha sitting on a circular, marble slab. Perched on it in a tiny purple two-piece, Whitmore is seen using her right hand as leaning support. Her left plays with near-waist-length highlighted hair. Aside from string-banded details on the bikini’s briefs and a belly button piercing, Whitmore comes fuss-free.

Instagram appears to be the one making a fuss. One user left the following comment.

“You are the hottest person in this world”

Tarsha replied with an alien emoji face. Similar thoughts seemed echoed by other fans.

“Ur so hot I love this,” one wrote.

A touch more skeptical, one comment saw Tarsha’s tan probed – “Are you wearing a fake tan or is it natural?” one user asked.

Tarsha obliged with a response.

“@lydialfian natural!” she replied.

With natural beauty, sensational curves, and no fear of flaunting them, it’s unsurprising why this sultry-eyed beauty is fast rising as an Instagram model. Tarsha has 434,000 followers.

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Had the best weekend away ???? wearing @ohpollyswim ????

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Whitmore’s following is on the up. When The Inquisitr reported Tarsha teasing her fans with a bathroom selfie back in April, her Instagram following was clocking in at 424,000. Whitmore has, therefore, gained approximately 10,000 followers in less than two weeks.

Fans aren’t the only ones noticing Tarsha. Her Instagram bio announces an “ambassador” status with Oh Polly. The affordable clothing brand is frequently seen on this model – her most recent update is just one such occasion. Tarsha also promotes Fashion Nova’s clothing. This label has proven nothing short of explosive on social media. As Fashion Nova snaps up Instagram influencers with both modest and impressive followings, tens of millions of users find themselves alerted to the brand. Fashion Nova has also collaborated for full-blown collections with Cardi B.

Fashion-wise, Tarsha tends to go for color, cleavage, and relaxed jeans or cut-off shorts. She does, however, appear to have her eye on luxury brands. The above picture showed Whitmore with a Louis Vuitton bag. The celebrity-adored French label is regularly seen on the likes of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Ariana Grande.

Relatively unknown as Tarsha may be, she is followed by some known faces. Fellow models Tammy Hembrow, Eriana Blanco, and Jazmyne Wardell all follow her. Tarsha herself follows major faces including Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and Hailey Bieber.