Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Urges Robert To Back Off And He Loses His Cool

Todd WawrychukABC

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Thursday, May 9, tease that things will get a bit intense between Anna and Robert. Viewers have watched as Anna has struggled to figure out which memory of Alex, her twin sister, is implanted in her own memory, and now, it looks as if this topic will generate some friction between Anna and Robert.

In recent episodes, Anna worried that perhaps Robin was actually Alex’s biological child rather than hers. She became convinced that this was the transferred memory, and she eventually let go of that idea thanks to a bracelet she remembered that seemingly discounted the possibility.

Now, Anna has come to believe that it may well be that Peter is Alex’s biological child. She has discussed this with both Robert and Finn, and Anna has essentially come to believe that this is true, but that she doesn’t want to pursue it and she doesn’t want to tell Peter what she thinks.

However, General Hospital spoilers from the preview shared via Twitter show that Robert won’t be ready to drop the idea. It seems that he may want to take this a step further, finding a way to prove that Peter is Alex’s rather than Anna’s son.

Whatever Robert says to Anna about this, she will fiercely push back against it. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will tell Robert to leave Alex’s past alone. Robert will surely believe that he is just looking out for Anna’s best interests, and he may not be able to hide his frustration.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Robert will find it impossible to maintain his typically cool demeanor during Thursday’s show. Viewers will need to tune in to see why and how he shows agitation or irritation, but it seems likely to be related to Anna’s insistence that he not dig into the truth about Peter’s biological connection to her.

General Hospital spoilers previously detailed by The Inquisitr share that Thursday’s episode will also bring more worry from Willow about Shiloh. In addition, Alexis will be worried when Kristina shares that she’s leaving the house for some reason. Lucas will confront Julian about Brad’s odd behavior and Jason will try to get Sam to end her pursuit of Shiloh.

Anna is probably hoping to let go of this issue regarding the memory switching so she can move forward with her life. Finn has been anxious to propose to her, even though Robert has somewhat interrupted this process.

The latest General Hospital spoilers hint that better times are ahead for Finn and Anna, but that this summer will shake things up again. The Inquisitr teases that Rebecca Budig is coming back as Hayden Barnes and that fans are excited to see how this will impact the dynamics of this current situation.

Is Peter really Alex’s son rather than Anna’s? Will she end up seeking proof of this? General Hospital spoilers tease that Anna may be facing more difficult revelations soon and fans will be anxious to see how all of the chaos plays out in future episodes.