Brits Named Archie Harrison React To Sharing Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Baby’s Name

Dominic LipinskiWPA Pool/Getty Images

It’s only been a day since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced Archie Harrison as their baby name choice. The latest addition to the British royal family now comes with a name, a publicly-released photo and plenty of fans.

May 9 is seeing reactions from members of the British public also named Archie Harrison. BBC has been collating them. The media outlet quotes Jody Harrison. Her six-year-old son bears the name Archie Harrison.

“I came in, put the telly on and it said the royal baby was called Archie Harrison. My little boy said: Have they just said my name?”

Elsewhere, a 20-year-old engineering archaeologist named Archie Harrison said the following:

“I thought it was sort of a joke. Then I must have got 50 phone calls and WhatsApps.”

This Brit admitted to finding the whole affair “quite funny.” Another Archie Harrison, aged 19, found himself the victim of “jokes” from work peers. The Midlands-based male reported being called “your royal highness” by his colleagues. As The Telegraph reports, Archie has a meaning of “genuine,” “bold,” and “brave.” The newspaper also points towards Harrison’s “son of Harry” meaning – in the context of Meghan and Harry’s choice, the name may well be honoring the 34-year-old prince.

The overall response to this much-anticipated royal arrival has been immense. Meghan and Harry’s @sussexroyal Instagram now comes flooded with well wishes and congratulations. Markle was also “praised” for not concealing her post-baby body, per The Mirror.

Today’s BBC report didn’t just see reactions from humans named Archie Harrison, though. A Londoner tweeted a picture of his dog – this Brit’s four-legged friend also shares a name with the royal baby.

Buzz around what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would name their first-born child peaked shortly after Meghan gave birth on May 6. By and large, fans expected a royal-appropriate name. Harry’s brother, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are parents to Prince Louis, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The above-mentioned report from The Telegraph also questioned whether Meghan and Harry’s baby would have a title. It mentioned one of Prince Harry’s “subsidiary titles,” Earl of Dumbarton, as a possibility. Likewise, there is a chance that this newborn would be Lord Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.

The Telegraph then confirmed this three-day-old as being Master Archie Mountbatten-Windsor. He will have no title. As People reports, baby Archie “could” have a title should Harry’s father, Prince Charles, become king.

The regular individuals in today’s BBC report may not be heirs to the throne, but they do share a name with a very royal baby. Clearly, they had their thoughts on the matter.