Jessa Duggar Shares The Joy Of Letting Little Boys Jump In Mud Puddles

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Jessa Duggar is apparently not afraid of a little dirt, or even a lot of dirt. Her two little guys — Spurgeon, 3, and Henry, 2 — love to play outside. She is not a mom who is known for letting her kids sit in front of a TV or a computer. Instead, she sends them outside to play. They do what most little boys do, and love to get dirty.

The 26-year-old mom shared a few photos — and a video clip — to Instagram, the media showing Spurgeon and Henry having fun out in their yard. One certainly doesn’t have to look too closely to notice that they both have splashes of mud all over them. Henry has some blotches of mud on his face, as well. The curly-haired cuties are seen in the short video, playing in a big mud puddle with their toys. They were having a blast, getting filthier by the minute, and Jessa didn’t seem to mind at all.

The Duggar daughter encouraged her boys to make good use of that puddle. Spurgeon has a toy dinosaur that he dunked in the puddle, and he then took the toy over to a bucket filled with muddy water. He looked like he was trying to wash the dinosaur off, but was not having any luck with that. His little brother has his favorite truck, one that he rolled through the mud puddle.

Spurgeon then decided to get the full experience, stepping right into the bucket full of muddy water. He emerged as filthy as one might imagine. Spurgeon appeared to be trying to clean himself off as Henry looked on. That’s when Jessa Duggar could be heard mentioning that they will need a bath later on.

The Counting On star is about due to give birth, expecting her third child in June. She looks like she has the mom thing well in hand.

Duggar fans are hoping for a girl this time for Ben and Jessa. However, the expectant mom had mentioned earlier in her pregnancy that she may just want another boy, just because she is used to them. She hinted that they know the baby’s gender, but she is not telling the boys — or her fans. When asked if Spurgeon and Henry know whether they are having a little brother or a little sister, Jessa said no — because they wouldn’t be able to keep it quiet for very long.

Pretty soon there will be another baby Seewald to add to their growing family. Jessa Duggar will be busier than ever in raising three little ones, but she has a ways to go before she and Ben catch up to the size of Josh and Anna’s brood.