Paris Hilton’s New Reality TV Show Currently Filming. . . Save Us

Paris Hilton recently updated her MySpace to let us know alllll about her newest reality show and even managed to grab a chance to promote her boyfriend and plug his website in the process. Paris, if nothing else, is a surprisingly fab business woman.

For those not in know, she’s looking for a new best friend, which apparently means that she gets to dress them up like a doll first:

Hey everyone! I am so excited, we have finally started taping my new show for MTV. […] I met all the contestants on wednesday night. I had them all meet me at the club Les Deux. I was a little nervous at first cause I always get shy meeting new people. But everyone ended up being very sweet, cool and fun to be around. I’m really happy with the final contestants, although it was really hard to pick only 18 people from so many great choices.

Today I had the team from Fred Seagal Beauty come do makeovers on these girls and boys and the results were astonishing. They all looked stunning and beautiful and hot! So much fun! I love doing make overs on my friends. I have to do an elimination tomorrow, meaning telling one of the contestants that they have to leave. […]

Also go check out my boyfriends blog at, he posted some cool pics of the first two days of shooting, and him and his friends came out to support me. I love how he’s always there for me, he always knows how to make me smile. […]

xoxo Paris

I really hope that this project ends up the same as her album venture, and NOT like the tape that rocketed her into worthless stardom. A girl can dream!