Jinger Duggar Spends Time With Mom Michelle Ahead Of Mother’s Day


Jinger Duggar has been living in Texas ever since she married Jeremy Vuolo in 2016. She is far away from her family in Arkansas and holidays are hard if she can’t see them during those times. Just recently, though, the mom of one did get to spend some quality time with her mother, Michelle Duggar.

Jinger shared a sweet photo via Instagram of her posing next to her mom. She looked happy to have Michelle visiting her in Texas. They aren’t able to spend as much time as they would like together, and it has been difficult for Jinger. She had expressed on a previous episode of Counting On just how tough it is at times not having her family around for advice or just to spend time doing things with them.

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, so this may have been an early celebration for Jinger to spend it with her mom. The Duggar daughter said in her Instagram caption that she considers her an amazing woman.

“It has been so wonderful having my beautiful mother in town! She is one amazing woman and my hero. I am so blessed to call her mom.”

Jinger was dressed in a peach-colored skirt and a printed sleeveless top. The Duggar matriarch wore her usual denim skirt with a bright pink button-down blouse. They both looked happy to be able to celebrate this special time of year together.

The Vuolos are moving even further away from the family this summer. They had recently announced that they are leaving their home in Laredo, Texas, and making a new life in Los Angeles, California. This is a huge change, especially for Jinger. Although she is excited about the move, it may be even more tricky than it is now to see her family. However, the Duggars do own small private planes to be able to fly them anywhere they want to go. John David is a seasoned pilot. He flies his family members all over the place and L.A. may just be a part of their future itinerary.

This may be the last time that Michelle will see Jinger, Jeremy, and Felicity before the big move. But then again, the Duggar family may just sneak in one last visit before then or even help them move when the time comes.

Jeremy has been sharing a series of photos on his Instagram that he calls “This is Laredo.” It appears that he and Jinger Duggar are taking their last few weeks experiencing all that Laredo has to offer before they leave this summer.