May 16, 2019
Kendall Jenner Reportedly In Talks Of Following Her Sister's Footsteps With A Beauty Line

Kendall Jenner could be the next Kardashian/Jenner to take over the beauty industry.

Elle reports that the runway model recently filed a trademark patent for a beauty brand entitled Kendall to go with her reportedly trademarked "Kendall Jenner" earlier this month. The publication also shared that both patents are designated for beauty products such as eau de parfum, hair care preparations, bath and shower gels, body creams, skin cleansers, beauty masks, deodorant, lip gloss, nail polish, nail care preparations. While Jenner hasn't confirmed, this will be her first official business in the beauty realm. She also has a fashion line with her sister Kylie. Kendall + Kylie is currently being sold in Pac Sun, Macy's, Nordstrom and several other retailers.

While Jenner hasn't developed her own beauty company before, she has been the face of multiple beauty brands since her modeling career catapulted. The model also ventured into oral care with her teeth whitening company, Moon. According to W magazine, Jenner is the official face of the brand and co-created it with Moon's founder Shaun Neff. The brand is set to release in Ulta stores this month and is reportedly capitalizing on the current natural beauty movement. Jenner said creating a line that promotes oral health was important to her.

"I used to not know how to smile," Jenner says in a promotional video for Moon, "That's a fun fact. It was really cool being a part of the building process. It is really based on oral beauty and it goes back to even the aesthetic thing and how it looks really nice on your counter. One of many cool things about Moon is that the whole idea is really chic and not being afraid to have it out and be like, 'Ask me about it, please'."

Elle shared that if Jenner's patents are for a beauty brand, it will establish the Kardashian/Jenner family into powerful beauty industry forces. Kylie Cosmetics is was reportedly valued at $900 million since it launched in 2015. KKW Beauty, Kim Kardashian's makeup line, is worth an estimated $100 million as of July 2018.

Even though Jenner is possibly in the works of becoming a beauty mogul, the model had some fun earlier this week at the 2019 Met Gala. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star joined her sisters Kylie and Kim at the costume event. Jenner wore a sparkling, feathered Versace gown and opted to walk the pink carpet solo. The Inquisitr previously shared that Jenner did, however, reconnect with her ex Harry Styles days after the gala.