Derick Dillard Finishes His First Year Of Law School, Celebrates Milestone With A Family Pizza Party

Jill and Derick DillardDuggar Family Facebook

It has been a busy year for Derick Dillard. He is raising his family of four with Jill Duggar and has built a brand new house, all while heading back to school to earn a law degree. That means less time with his wife and two boys, but he seems to have managed his time well. Now he is celebrating a huge milestone.

Dillard just finished his first year of law school this week, according to Jill’s Instagram post. She shared the exciting news that he finally got through finals and now has a summer break. The Duggar daughter said how proud she is of her husband. They decided to celebrate with a pizza party. However, it’s not your typical pizza party. They didn’t go out for pizza. Jill utilized her new kitchen to make homemade pizza for him and their two boys, Israel and Samuel.

It looks like the Dillards are keeping to themselves right now to have just a celebration at home. They may have a bigger one with the rest of the Duggar family later on, but then again this is more of a smaller milestone that he got through. For now, Jill appears to just be happy to have more time with her husband.

Jill and Derick Dillard just recently moved into the new home that they had built. They shared a few photos through the entire building process on their family website. They are now all moved in and enjoying life in their new digs. They also said they are now closer to family.

The Dillards are now living in a fairly new neighborhood, as seen in the pictures. Many new homes were in the building process as they moved in. They have a fenced backyard for the boys to play in as well. Jill Duggar had mentioned how much she loves her new kitchen. It looks like she is breaking it right in.

Duggar fans think that Jill will be the next one in the family who will get pregnant. She and Derick would be the fifth couple in the family that are expecting if that should happen. That would certainly make it even more hectic for Derick having a new baby at home as he still has a couple more years to finish law school.

Jill and Derick Dillard are no longer a part of TLC’s Counting On, but Jill does post frequently on her family’s life in Arkansas on Instagram. Duggar fans are happy that she keeps them updated despite not being on reality TV.