May 9, 2019
NBA Rumors: Denver Nuggets Interested In Trading For LeBron James, Per 'Scoop B'

After suffering a huge disappointment in LeBron James' first year wearing the Purple and Gold, most people expected the Los Angeles Lakers to be more aggressive in adding quality players who can help them fully dominate the Western Conference and contend for the NBA championship title. As the end of the 2018-19 NBA season draws closer, crazy rumors suddenly started to circulate that the Lakers might consider making James available on the trading block next summer.

According to a recent article from The Inquisitr, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN revealed that "folks close to Jeanie Buss" are "imploring her to trade" James. Some people have doubt if Smith's sources are reliable. However, in a Twitter post, Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson of Heavy corroborated Smith's revelations, adding that he received calls regarding teams who are interested in trading for James. As Robinson noted, one of the NBA teams who explored the possibility of acquiring James from the Lakers is the Denver Nuggets.

"There is truth to that notion. Stephen A Smith is not lying. Got a call after the trading deadline that suggested that teams were interested. I'll name a team too: Denver Nuggets."
The Nuggets have long been interested in bringing LeBron James to Denver. Despite knowing that James didn't have much desire to play for his team, Nuggets president Josh Kroenke still tried his best to recruit him to Denver when he became an unrestricted free agent last July. According to The Denver Post, Kroenke sent James an email of Nuggets throwback jersey and told him, "You'll look good in one of these."
Aside from Kroenke, whom James called a "very dear friend of mine," coach Mike Malone also has a good relationship with the Lakers superstar. Malone was an assistant coach in Cleveland during James' first stint with the Cavaliers. Kroenke, Malone, and the Nuggets may have failed to sign James in the last free agency, but if he will become available on the trade market next summer, they will surely do everything they can to bring him to Denver.

It remains unknown what type of trade assets the Lakers want in exchange for LeBron James or if they really have any plan of trading him next summer. However, it will not be a surprise if the Nuggets will be open to trading anyone on their roster not named Nikola Jokic for the chance to add arguably the best basketball player on the planet to their roster.