May 9, 2019
Donny Osmond Honors Wife Debbie On 41st Anniversary With Wild Throwback Instagram Pics

Singer and entertainer Donny Osmond honored wife Debbie Osmond with some wild throwback pics on Instagram to celebrate the couple's 41st anniversary.

Osmond posted several photos on the social media sharing site where he and his new wife seem impossibly happy during a reception following their ceremony at the Salt Lake City, Utah LDS Temple on May 8, 1978. It was a place where both Debbie's parents and Donny's parents were wed as well, and it held a special significance for the couple to wed there.

The pics show the couple in a car, cutting their wedding cake, and walking outside.

The one distinctive thing about the photos was Donny's insistence on wearing a purple tuxedo for the couple's wedding. In his autobiography Donny Osmond: Life Is Just What You Make It, the singer revealed that he had a fixation with the color and begged his bride-to-be to make the colors of their reception pink and purple to accommodate his request. She obliged.

He also noted that their reception had a guest list of 4,000 people. They received many wonderful gifts but there was one essential item missing. When the couple went to set up their first home, they didn't have a toaster, which they had to purchase for themselves.

Donny Osmond also revealed that when the couple was dating that Debbie was teased for her romantic involvement with him when she was a student at Provo High, and the singer himself was pelted with dirt and apple cores when he visited her at school.

The couple, who were just 20 and 19 at the time, then had to face the fact that a lot of fans of the singer simply didn't approve of the marriage and many protested by refusing to go to Osmond shows they had already purchased tickets for.

Eventually fans warmed up to the couple, especially when they realized just how happy they were, and the loving family they created that now numbers five sons: Donald Clark Osmond, Jr., 39, Jeremy James Osmond, 37, Brandon Michael Osmond, 33, Christopher Glenn Osmond, 28, and Joshua Davis Osmond, 20.

The couple is also grandparents of 10 nine boys and one girl.

Osmond came clean on Facebook about his relationship with his wife for their anniversary in 2016.

Donny Osmond regularly shares photos of his family to his official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

He will continue to entertain and excite audiences alongside sister Marie Osmond with their show at The Flamingo in Las Vegas, finishing out an 11-year run as headliners at the venue in November of this year.