Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Jax Brings Comfort To Both Joss And Carly

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Ingo Rademacher is back as Jasper Jacks on General Hospital, and it looks like he is staying for a while. Oscar Nero’s death has left Josslyn feeling empty and alone, but her dad has returned to make sure she is okay. His presence has brought her comfort like no one else could, even Carly. Joss was surprised to see him, and she finally opened up the heartache that she is going through with her dad.

Jax will be able to be there for his grieving daughter at Oscar’s memorial coming up the week of May 13. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicates that the teen had made some requests before he died on what he would like to have done. Those requests will be honored next week at his memorial. Oscar approached Ned and Olivia to make sure that they are done and they are expected to do exactly what he had planned.

Jax never knew Oscar, so he asked Joss to talk about him and what he was like. That brought about some high emotions as she proceeded to describe Oscar’s last days. Joss said how much she missed him as she was there for him every single minute that she could until the end. That’s when Jax shared his own experience with Lady Jane’s passing. He was with his mother during her last days as well, and he shared that with Joss.

Carly was standing on the sidelines watching the whole interaction between them. She was surprisingly quiet, taking it all in on how much comfort Jax has brought to their daughter. Jax told Joss that Oscar feels her love and that she will never lose him in her heart. They sang a lullaby together that he used to sing to Joss when she was little. Lady Jane had taught him that when he was young as well.

Carly was also comforted when Jax thanked Jason for being there for Joss during Oscar’s crisis. They were for once civil with one another. Carly’s smile said it all. As for Sonny, it was a tight meeting, but the two men sucked it up for Josslyn’s sake. However, Sonny wasn’t too happy when Jax announced that he was in the process of buying Kate’s old place. Carly stopped him from preventing the sale by reminding him that he was staying for Josslyn.

General Hospital fans are excited to have Jax back in Port Charles. Spoilers say that he is in town not only for his daughter but he also has something else up his sleeve.