‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Chris Harrison Teases Hannah Brown May Not Find Her Fierce, Lasting Love

Craig SjodinABC

Hannah Brown didn’t find love with Colton Underwood last winter on The Bachelor, but she is hoping things turn out differently this spring as she leads The Bachelorette. Spoilers have revealed that her final rose ceremony will happen just a couple of days before her season premiere airs on Monday, May 13, and now host Chris Harrison is teasing that fans may need to brace themselves for a “bumpy finish.”

As The Inquisitr has previously detailed, Bachelorette spoilers from gossip guru Reality Steve noted that Hannah had several consistent frontrunners throughout much of the season. However, she reportedly eliminated the guy who had seemed the most likely to get her final rose after her overnight date with him.

Now, Harrison tells ET Online that he doesn’t know if Hannah will end up with a proposal at her final rose ceremony.

“Sitting here now, I really don’t know how it’s going to end. I am hopeful and she is hopeful, but the way she wants to find love and the way she is going about this is really true and sincere. She is not just going to do it to do it, and as rough as it has been and as wild as it has been, I am not sure she is going to be able to get there. And that is because she doesn’t know if she will be able to get there.”

This interview apparently took place within the last week, so about the time that Hannah was starting her overnight dates in Greece. Reality Steve has not yet pinpointed which two guys are the last ones standing, but his Bachelorette spoilers have narrowed it down to three men. Will Brown find love with one of those three and get engaged?

Harrison admits that he wasn’t entirely sure Brown was up to the pressure that comes with being the lead star of The Bachelorette. Luckily, Chris teases, she has been on fire since the first night and seems to have everything under control.

The Bachelorette host added that throughout the course of the season, there will be an ambulance ride, tears, fights, one guy there for the wrong reasons, and suitors who don’t hit it off well with the other guys. Spoilers hint that Hannah will have to step in a deal with a fair amount of chaos, with things getting intense enough that the drama started to take away from Brown’s own experience.

There is a “level 10 drama that really festers” and Chris said he thinks it will essentially shape Hannah’s entire season.

“[I]t has to do with somebody she really cares about, and so it’s not something that is just going to go away.”

Based on early Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve and the available previews, it sounds as if this perhaps relates to the man she reportedly eliminated after the overnights. Harrison hints that the issue revolves around one guy being a certain way around Brown and different away from her and that it’s a big enough issue to generate a lot of problems.

Will all of that drama result in an ending without a proposal for Hannah Brown? The Bachelorette spoilers should reveal answers on that front soon, and fans can check out how the drama kicks into gear with the premiere airing on Monday, May 13.