Hilde Osland Flaunts Major Bed Cleavage, Kneels In Eye-Popping Bodysuit

Hilde OslandInstagram

There’s a reason 1.2 million Instagram users are following Hilde Osland. This Norwegian-Australian bombshell is adored for her icy-blonde hair, baby-blue eyes, and signature innocent look.

On May 9, Osland updated her Instagram. Two snaps show this angelic sensation in what is likely her bedroom. Light-colored walls, linens, and cushions in tie-dye or pale greens afford a decidedly homey feel – possibly why Osland looks so comfortable. Hilde is kneeling on her bed. Her bodysuit is inching toward white on the color spectrum, although pale greens here coordinate with the background bedding. Hilde is looking directly at the camera. Her gaze is as full-on as her cleavage, although a slight smile in the second snap softens the expression.

Void of provocation as today’s update may be, it is nonetheless very feminine. Pastels, manicured nails, and low-key jewelry have a girly feel, and the plunging neckline is hardly androgynous.

Hilde’s May 9 caption comes as a question. She has asked her followers where they’re from. Responses are suggesting an international fanbase.

“New Zealand here,” one fan wrote.

Others mentioned their locations as Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and Australia. A Canadian fan also responded.

“In Alberta, Canada CA. One day I’ll turn around and there you’ll be.”

A user with @stuffythingy as their handle didn’t answer the question, but they did throw out a compliment.

“My favourite [sic] IG babe,” they wrote.

Today’s post also comes with a Fashion Nova shout-out. Hilde’s bio doesn’t announce any partnership with the affordable fashion label. Her feed does, however, peg her as one of the brand’s many micro influencers. A savvy move from this company now sees countless Instagram models mentioning Fashion Nova in their captions.

One of today’s fans picked up on the shout-out.

“Fashionnova [sic] must love you. You make all of their outfits come to life. You look great, as always, in this body suit [sic]. Have a great day from southern New Jersey (USA).”

Hilde’s Scandinavian looks also come with a deep tan. It’s flashed via this model’s glowing face, but it likewise manifests via the skimpy outfits frequently donned. Not all, however, are lingerie. Hilde seems to love easygoing athleisurewear looks – jeans, cut-off tees, and outerwear with beanie hats have all been sported. Bikini looks seem particularly popular when it comes to Hilde’s fanbase, though. Four days ago, The Inquisitr reported Hilde donning a tiny peach two-piece as she took to the beach.

Today offers no sandy shores, but the intimate bedroom setting is likely to prove well-received. Hilde’s Instagram is followed by fellow models Tarsha Whitmore and Issa Vegas.