Meghan Markle’s Estranged Sister Samantha Has Surprising Reaction To The Birth Of Baby Archie

Dominic Lipinski Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s half-sister is ready to meet her nephew. Samantha Markle, the Duchess of Sussex’s estranged sibling, is speaking out following the birth of Meghan’s son with Prince Harry, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. And she has some surprisingly warm words for the sister she is currently not on speaking terms with.

Samantha told Daily Mail TV that despite their feud, “family is family,” and she hopes Archie’s birth can pave the way for rekindled relationships for the fractured family. Markle noted that baby Archie’s birth is “a great moment historically,” and added that while a lot of damage has been done, she would like to see everyone in the clan reach out—especially the Duchess of Sussex.

“We’ve extended the olive branch and now it is Meghan’s turn,” Samantha said.

The 54-year-old also gave a warm welcome to the child of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry but issued a reminder that he is not just a royal family member.

“We’re all welcoming the baby—Markles, Raglands, Sussexes, Windsors. In terms of the gene pool, we’ve all made a contribution to this wonderful little boy who will probably grow up to be an exceptional man and we’d like to treat this as if we’re all a big family.”

Samantha also requested that baby Archie should someday be allowed to meet the Markle side of his family and judge the clan for himself. Samantha added that she wants Archie to know that he has a big family that’s excited for him. Samantha Markle also said she still loves her little sister despite their estrangement.

“We’re excited for Meg and Harry—I am really excited for her. I love her, she’s my baby sister and it doesn’t matter what we’ve all said back and forth but she’s got to do the right thing. I just want to say Meg, you’ve got a world here and family here [in the U.S.] that’s excited for you.”

Samantha’s sweet words come after a tumultuous year for Meghan Markle and her family and a heartbreaking estrangement that started just ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry. The family drama started last spring when the future duchess’s father, Thomas Markle, was caught staging paparazzi photos with the help of Samantha. Meghan’s father later skipped her royal wedding, and Prince Harry’s father, Prince Charles, ultimately walked his daughter-in-law down the aisle last May.

Samantha Markle has been a staunch defender of her father and has blasted Meghan in past interviews. E! News notes that Samantha Markle has called her half-sister “heartless,” “insincere,” and “rude” and has blamed her for the family’s estrangement while playing “victim.”

Last year, when Thomas Markle did not receive a traditional coat of arms, Meghan’s outspoken half-sister Samantha told The Sun it was a “huge insult” that their father was not given a coat of arms in the same way Kate Middleton’s father, Michael Middleton, was upon the marriage of his daughter to Prince William.

“On what grounds could the royals feel that the Markles are somehow not worthy?” Samantha told The Sun. “To exclude him off a coat of arms is really stripping him of an honor and it’s a huge insult.”

Now, Samantha Markle is hoping the birth of baby Archie will be a wake-up call to her sister and a reminder that family is first. Samantha said she now hopes Meghan will be a part of their father’ s life and that she will find a way to share this special time in her life with him in some way.

“I hope something sticks with her—that she decided to do the right thing for my dad,” Samantha Markle said of Meghan. “Life is short and we’re family. I hope she decides to do the right thing this time.”