Brooks Nader Dons Tiniest Bikini Top Ever On Instagram

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Brooks Nader shared a shot from this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition on Instagram and it appears to live up to the hype. The photo showed the model wearing the tiniest bikini top ever, which seemed a little too small for her. So much so, that most of her chest was left exposed in the shot. The model laid on the sand at the beach, with her hair down and in a heavy right part. Behind her, you could see the blue ocean. Clearly, Brooks is super stoked about being part of the magazine this year, which finally appeared on newsstands today.

Nader also shared multiple Instagram Stories of the magazine, and revealed that the photo from the post was printed as a two-page spread. She also reposted fans’ reactions to the photo, which clearly impressed many people.

The model has been sharing sneak peeks from the shoot for a while now, but ramped it up yesterday with a photo of herself in a white one-piece swimsuit. Both photos were geo-tagged at the Cove Atlantis, which is a resort in the Bahamas. Hopefully Brooks continues to share more photos from the edition on her social media page, but fans can of course pick up a copy of the magazine for themselves.

Previously, Nader spoke with Bare Necessities as part of their “Model Confessions” series.

“I have three younger sisters, and we’re all within five years of each other, so we grew up and remain best friends. Let’s just say my dad is not afraid to talk about self-tanner. I’m pretty bold: I was raised in a small town riding horses and ATVs and doing lots of sports, which is why getting my hair and makeup done every day for work is so ironic and funny to me.”

The model also discussed how she’s branching out into different areas of the entertainment industry.

“Acting in my first movie ever, Backtrace, was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. I’m starting to do more acting…”

This is great news for Brooks’ fans, considering this could mean that the model will be seen in more movies in the future. It’s not uncommon for models to start acting, although just like modeling, it’s a very tough industry to crack.

Brooks also revealed that her favorite perks of her profession is staying healthy and enjoying staying fit. Considering her recent role with SI, it’s clear that she does a great job of maintaining her amazing physique.