‘General Hospital’ Has A Summer Surprise Coming, Rebecca Budig Returns As Hayden Barnes

Jason MerrittGetty Images

There is big casting news coming from General Hospital. The ABC soap has decided to finally bring a fan-favorite actress back to Port Charles. Rebecca Budig is slated to be returning to her role as Hayden Barnes sometime this summer. There has been plenty of rumors swirling and pleas from fans for months, and now it is finally happening.

The exciting news has been confirmed by Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday. ABC executive Nathan Varni had clearly toted not too long ago on Daytime After Dark that there was a good possibility that Hayden would end up surprising her ex, Finn, by returning to Port Charles someday when he least expects it. It looks like that day will arrive very soon.

It’s been almost two years since Hayden left town. She was pregnant with Finn’s baby at the time. Hayden was seen one last time writing him a letter to let him know that she had a miscarriage. Viewers were sad about that until she stood up to reveal a big baby bump. So, she most likely will not be heading back alone.

Bringing back Finn’s child would definitely complicate things for Hayden’s baby daddy. Finn is just getting his life back on track. He is about ready to propose to Anna Devane. They have grown closer and Anna has finally fallen in love again. This would put Finn in a difficult situation. He doesn’t even know he has a child out there, let alone having the woman he was once head over heels in love with back in his life.

One person who will be thrilled to have Hayden back is her sister, Elizabeth Webber. They had also grown closer before she left town. Will she let Liz know before she shows up, or will it be a complete surprise? Whatever is the case, General Hospital fans will love to see the sisters bonding again.

There are no guarantees that Hayden and Finn will get their romance back, especially since he is now in love with Anna. Of course, those old feelings may just come back. It’s a good thing that Robert is staying for a while. Anna may need him to lean on this summer.

Michael Easton and Rebecca Budig were just recently reunited off-screen. They met up with other GH co-stars for a fundraiser for ovarian cancer. Also in attendance were John J. York, Lynn Herring, and Kathleen Gati. Now they are about to work together once again on screen.

There will be more details soon on what Hayden Barnes will be up to when she returns to General Hospital. Stay tuned for more updates.