WWE News: Former Champion Reveals That His Contract With NXT Was Often Better Than His WWE Deal


It is often thought that the main goal in professional wrestling is to arrive on the main roster of WWE and be a big-time player. Ever since NXT came into play, though, some fans believe that there is more entertaining action and more freedom in the “developmental league.” One former NXT/WWE star who was also a champion with the company is now speaking out on how the deals for both aren’t exactly what everyone believes they may be.

TJ Perkins, who was known as TJP during most of his time in WWE, is now performing on the independent circuit and around the world for different promotions. He was also the first WWE Cruiserweight Champion in the company once the belt was brought back a few years ago.

Perkins spent time in NXT before being brought up to the main roster and he recently spoke to Wrestling Inc. about how things differed in pay and what was provided. First off, though, he said that the company was kind of frightened he may leave and he received two early raises.

“We all had NXT deals. Mine was pretty big. They offered me two raises before I actually had a deal because they thought I might go somewhere else. I remember getting more than what was normal, but it was still an NXT deal.”

Upon the completion of WrestleMania 33 in 2017, TJP was moved up to WWE’s main roster which meant more money, but it wasn’t all that great either.

TJP shines as the first WWE Cruiserweight Champion of the new generation.
Featured image credit: WWE

Upon heading up to the main roster, his NXT deal was switched over to one for WWE and one would expect an increase in with that move. Sure, that is what happened, but Perkins also said that superstars are able to keep more of their actual money earned in NXT because the company pays for some of the other expenses.

For those who are official members of the NXT brand and wrestling on the main roster, Perkins says that is the best of both worlds.

“If you’re on NXT and you’re wrestling on the main roster, that’s the best-case scenario because you’re making a lot extra and getting to keep a lot of it because you don’t have to handle rental cars and stuff like that.”

NXT superstars don’t usually end up going on the road a lot and typically stay near Full Sail University in Florida for tapings and live events. Most of them end up living near there and can use their own vehicles and stay in their own homes which also cuts back on expenses.

TJ Perkins spent three years in WWE after taking part in the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic before being released from his contract in February of this year. Having been in NXT, on WWE’s main roster, and part of 205 Live, TJP experienced virtually every level that a superstar can be on in the company. Since he is no longer with the promotion, it is truly interesting to hear his stance and views on the payment scale.