Napoleon Dynamite: Star’s Twin Brother Says Movie Ruined His Life

Napoleon Dynamite‘s “Pedro” has a twin brother, and he says the movie ruined his life.

Efren Ramirez sued his twin brother Carlos for more than $10 million for impersonating him without his permission. Carlos Ramirez was legally forced to “cease and desist” after making appearances as his brother Efren. Who knew voting for “Pedro” could cause so much trouble?

According to TMZ, an interview with Carlos Ramirez revealed that he had been making those appearances at Efren Ramirez’s request because the Napoleon Dynamite star was too busy to make them himself.

Carlos Ramirez admits to taking his appearances as his brother too far:

“I did attend an event without his knowledge as I was being immature and wanted to get back at him for a personal matter which involved the girl I was dating at the time.”

The feud resulting from this and said legal action has resulted in the twin brothers not speaking to each other any more. However, Carlos wants to make amends and put the past behind him:

“I would love to talk to Efren. Maybe even work together in the future. His support would be amazing. I think it’s safe to say the magnitude of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ and everything that has come along with it, has ruined my relationship with my twin.”

Reporters have attempted to reach Efren Ramirez for comment on Carlos Ramirez’s hope of reuniting in the future, to not avail. Efren Ramirez’s rep told reporters that the star wants to keep what exists between Efren and Carlos just between them.

How do you feel about the Napoleon Dynamite star’s twin brother saying the movie ruined his life?