Jordyn Woods’ Video Launches Instagram War, ‘You Ain’t Kylie’

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The comments section on Jordyn Woods’ Instagram appears particularly busy of late.

On May 7, the model updated her account. A selfie video announcing Jordyn’s “fav filter” showed the 21-year-old pouting into the camera with what appeared to be digitally-enhanced freckles. The “filter” referred to in the caption made Jordyn “wish” she had “more freckles.” Prior selfies suggest Woods not to have any natural freckles.

Instagram appears to be reacting. The comments likely pertain to comparisons between yesterday’s video and a makeup-free snap taken by Kylie Jenner back in March – Kylie’s Instagram selfie clearly showed the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star as having a naturally freckled face. “You ain’t Kylie,” one user wrote in response to Jordyn’s video. The reply launched over 25 responses. One read as follows.

” @jaime23duran Everything that she knows she got it from her”

This likely suggests that Jordyn’s skill-set as a social media sensation is somehow based on learning from her former best friend and makeup mogul, Kylie. Another comment defended Woods.

“@jaime23duran you’re right she ain’t, she stands out on her own n*gga”

On April 1, Hollywood Life reported that Jordyn had her eye on the Kylie Cosmetics CEO’s billionaire status. A source told the media outlet the following.

“Jordyn is working extremely hard at making a name for herself in the industry. She really idolized Kylie and wants to be a business billionaire like her.”

Once thick as thieves, Kylie and Jordyn have not been spotted together since the February cheating scandal that put Jordyn’s name alongside those of Khloe Kardashian and her now-ex, Tristan Thompson. While a Red Table Talk admission from Jordyn admitted to “kissing” the NBA player while he was still in a relationship with Khloe, Woods clarified that a kiss was as far as it went, per Harper’s Bazaar.

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plus she know my babymama is a trophy ????

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Further replies to the “you ain’t kylie” comment saw fans say that Jordyn has “never said she was…” A diehard Woods fan stated that the youngest Kardashian-Jenner would “sell her soul” to be as naturally beautiful as Jordyn. Elsewhere, a user caught up in the conversation appeared tired of the whole affair. They simply told the “you ain’t kylie” user to consume some water and keep to what is their own business.

Jordyn has 9.8 million Instagram followers. Her status as Kylie Jenner’s best friend may now come with a giant question mark, but Woods appears to have enjoyed a healthy career boost since the scandal. In March, The Inquisitr reported Woods as being “flooded” with business opportunities.

Jordyn’s May 7 video may have set out to showcase her new “fav” Instagram filter, but it appears to have launched a social media war.