New York Police Union Tweets Pornographic Clip

Spencer PlattGetty Images

The verified Twitter account of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, a police union that represents 13,000 sergeants in the New York Police Department, sent a bizarre tweet this week that included a video clip of someone performing a sex act in a subway station.

According to the Queens Eagle, the tweet criticized New York’s mayor and governor for proposing a congestion pricing regime in order to pay for repairs to the city’s subways. There has been much grumbling in recent years over the sorry physical state of New York City’s subway systems.

“Our political leaders have the AUDACITY to implement congestion pricing to repair subways & quality of life is a total DISGRACE,” the tweet read. “Thank you Mayor Deblasio and Governor Cuomo. You have done nothing but ruin a city & the Police Commissioner remains your puppet.”

That text was followed by what was described by The Queens Eagle as a 20-second amateur porn video featuring one person performing oral sex on another at the 116th Street subway station in Harlem. The origins of the video, and what it has to do with the text about infrastructure policy, is unclear.

The video was soon taken down, either because the SBA account deleted it or because Twitter removed it. The SBA account has not addressed the situation, and most of its recent tweets are either shots at politicians or tributes to recently deceased police officers.

There has been longstanding bad blood between Mayor Bill De Blasio and some segments of the New York Police Department, much of which stems from the mayor’s support for the Black Lives Matter movement and criticism of police misconduct during and after his first campaign in 2013.

When two NYPD officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were killed in their cars in late 2014, some policers turned their backs towards the mayor when he appeared at one of their funerals. The SBA and mayor also clashed following the death by choking of Eric Garner in Staten Island in the summer of 2014, and the subsequent decision to not indict the officer involved.

In 2015, the SBA agreed to a $252 million labor deal with De Blasio, per The New York Daily News, even though the union’s head Ed Mullins, had referred to the mayor as a “nincompoop” not long beforehand.

The SBA also drew fire last year, when it reacted to a Star Wars Day message from the Civilian Complaint Review Board about the Fourth Amendment with a tweet that stated “You are all a disgrace. You sit on your ass and target the NYPD all while growing up on the nipple of what’s easy. You have no clue what a NYPD officer does yet target us and disparage our integrity. One day you will dial 911 when evil is at your door and thank god for the NYPD.”