Jessa Duggar Seewald Shares Cute Video Of Son Spurgeon Bonding With Unborn Sibling

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You can’t get much cuter than Jessa Duggar Seewald’s two boys, Spurgeon and Henry. Now she is expecting baby number three in less than a month with husband Ben as their expanding family is getting geared up for this new bundle of joy. The new baby’s big brothers know that something is up, especially Spurgeon. He seems to be bonding with him or her already.

Jessa loves to share pictures and videos of her kids, but this new one that she posted on Instagram may just be the cutest one yet. The expectant mom is lying on a couch with the camera showing her huge baby bump up close. Ben is sitting on the floor beside her with Spurgeon, who puts his hands on his mom’s belly. He also gives his unborn sibling a kiss. Once he did that, the baby started kicking and moving around all over the place.

Spurgeon felt the newest baby Seewald kicking and he was pretty happy about that. It looks like he was bonding with his little brother or sister. Where was Henry? He didn’t seem to know quite what all the ruckus was about. He was just happy playing with his trucks in the background as the rest of the family enjoyed watching the baby’s antics.

Jessa Duggar revealed that watching her eldest son anxiously waiting for the new baby to arrive is the best part of her pregnancy. As for Henry, she went further to explain how he feels about the whole big brother thing.

“Henry will pat my belly sometimes and say “Baby!” because he sees us do that, but I don’t think he truly comprehends what’s about to take place.”

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Brothers. ????????

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Before they become a family of five, the Seewalds took the two boys for their very first trip to the zoo a few days ago. They were in awe watching the zebra, elephants, and the other animals there. Jessa mentioned that they were really excited to see the animals that they read about in their storybooks come to life right in front of them.

The Counting On star doesn’t have much longer to go. She will be the first of the four expecting Duggar women who will be giving birth. After that, they will anticipate the arrivals of three more little ones in a few months as Kendra, Anna, and Joy-Anna are all due around the same time.

There is bound to be more Duggar news in the future, so keep watching to see what will happen next.