Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kim Reaches Out And Neil Nudges Alexis

Craig SjodinABC

The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal that the episode airing on Wednesday, May 8, contains an interesting mix of developments. Kristina has decided to head home, Sam is facing an initiation by Shiloh, and Kim is trying to figure out how to move forward after Oscar’s death.

The preview for Wednesday’s episode shared via Twitter reveals that Kim will make a phone call to someone. General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will note that the call is connected to her son Oscar, but it isn’t clear whom she is calling.

Kim looks quite serious as she makes this call, and there are several possible directions this call could head. It may be that Kim is simply making calls designed to wrap up matters related to Oscar and prepare for his memorial service. He approached Ned and Olivia about handling things, but Kim will still have difficult tasks to handle as well.

It could also be that she is reaching out to Shiloh, as the Dawn of Day leader had been involved with helping Oscar for a short time and had approached Kim during one of his hospitalizations. Kim wasn’t pleased with Shiloh’s presence, but she may have some questions for the DOD head.

Kim may also be reaching out to someone like Dr. Neil or another resource for support. Viewers will learn more during Wednesday’s show, but General Hospital spoilers do reveal that Kim’s struggles could lead her to a dangerous place.

The new print edition of ABC Soaps in Depth teases some May sweeps spoilers related to Kim. Co-head writer Shelly Altman teases that Kim will seek help, but in a way that could prove to be problematic for her. Julian will try to be there for her, but she may end up pushing him away.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Alexis and Neil will chat as everybody gets Kristina settled back in at her home. Soap Central notes that things will be looking up for Alexis, and this is surely thanks to Kristina’s willingness to head home. However, Dr. Neil may throw her for a bit of a loop with this upcoming chat.

Neil will tell Alexis that he thinks she can do without something and that he proposes that she should give it a try. What is it that he thinks she can do without? General Hospital spoilers don’t reveal that tidbit yet, but the doctor’s tone of voice does seem to be relatively lighthearted.

Fans are buzzing over the chance to see some “Nelexis,” the nickname that the combination of Neil and Alexis have been given. Ever since the first interaction between these two characters was shown, viewers have suspected that they may eventually cross the line between having a doctor-and-patient relationship to become romantic partners.

Granted, General Hospital spoilers have also suggested that Julian and Alexis could still find their way back to one another some day. He is with Kim for now, but Oscar’s passing may turn out to be too much for the romance to survive.

Wednesday’s episode also contains drama with Sam, Shiloh, and Jason, as well as with Willow and Chase along with Jax’s return. General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s a lot of great stuff on the way, and viewers will have plenty to buzz over.