Devin Brugman Shows Off Her Curvy Frame In A Dripping Wet Instagram Update

Alexander TamargoGetty Images

Devin Brugman is enjoying her time in Bali, sharing in the sunshine with several of her pals, but it’s her ever-growing fan base that’s truly taking pleasure in the gorgeous shots she’s been sharing to Instagram of late. In a post made by the brunette bombshell on Tuesday, Brugman wowed her followers with a snap of herself climbing out of a pool, dripping wet. She wore a skimpy swimsuit that was sure to turn heads as she sauntered around the resort.

Brugman flaunted her voluptuous physique in a rose-colored two-piece swimsuit. The body-hugging ensemble featured a dramatic, plunging neckline that showed off her buxom chest and ample cleavage. She playfully pulled at the strings of her racy bottoms, an act which brought the focus down to her chiseled midsection and curvy thighs.

Brugman wore her dark hair in long, damp, beach-babe waves that spilled down her back. As she stepped out of the pool and out of the shade, her sun-kissed skin glistened. She pulled her shoulders back, showing off her toned arms.

According to her Instagram Story, Brugman and her squad are still keeping up with their fitness routines as they enjoy the sprawling resort in Bali. The model showed off the gorgeous view from the gym, and even treated fans to a shot of herself in her stunning workout attire — attire which included a skintight sports bra in black, and a pair of matching leggings.

Brugman and her business partner turned best friend, Natasha Oakley, previously opened up to Esquire about what it’s like to take their love for bikinis and turn it into a booming business. The duo runs a popular blog called Bikini A Day, and they have enjoyed traveling around the world, creating sizzling content for a massive fan base.

Though posting revealing shots of themselves on social media can sometimes attract some negative or inappropriate comments, Brugman shared that they do their best to delete the unnecessary, nasty quips from internet trolls.

“Being in bikinis — I mean we’re in swimwear, and obviously we’re both “sexy girls” [laughs] — those comments are going to come, and we’ve done our best to filter them out. We really don’t let them negatively affect us at all,” Brugman shared.

Brugman also gushed about working alongside Oakley, who Brugman said has a hand in helping her to look her best when they gear up for photo shoots. Brugman added that they never truly feel like they’re going to work every day — because they’re doing something they love alongside each other.

“It’s a really special experience for us, and it really is a dream come true, especially being able to work with your best friend,” Brugman added.