‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Episode 5 Spoilers: Monster Association Declares All-Out War Against Hero Association

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One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5 featured the continuation of the battle between Garou and Class-S Rank 15 hero Metal Bat. When it comes to their skills and battle power, it is crystal-clear that Garou holds the upper hand. Despite his aggressive attacks, Metal Bat was unable to land a direct hit on Garou.

Metal Bat is well-aware of how powerful Garou is, but he remained very optimistic that he could achieve victory. Metal Bat plans to continue his fight against Centichoro, a gigantic bug-monster — and a Dragon-level threat — who is currently wreaking havoc at City S. Garou started to notice the improvements in the attack speed and power of Metal Bat, despite all the blood the latter had lost. However, Garou immediately realized that the only reason why Metal Bat can still stand is because of his fighting spirit.

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5 showed the “hero-hunter” Garou successfully defeating his second Class-S Hero. However, when Garou was about to finish the enemy, a little girl stood in front of him. She was seeking to defend her big brother, Metal Bat. Zenko told Garou that her brother promised her not to cause any violence — at least when she’s around. Despite his violent nature, Garou decided to grant Zenko’s wish. He let Metal Bat live. Metal Bat was about to face Centichoro again, but his sister knocked him out with one strike to his head.

The latest episode of One Punch Man revealed a softer side to Garou. When two monsters were about to kidnap Zenko, Garou came to defend her, and ordered the monsters to leave. Before they returned to their headquarters, the monsters gave Garou an invitation to join the Monster Association. As expected, Garou refused the offer. However, the monsters expressed strong confidence that he will change his mind, especially as he continues to hunt heroes.

In One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5, the Hero Association started to panic after several powerful monsters appeared in different parts of the world. It was revealed that the monsters were former humans, humans who were transformed via the Monster Association’s technology. Most of the Class-A heroes were easily defeated by the enemies. After accomplishing their missions, the monsters retreated — with one of them saying that the final battle is yet to start.

While most of the heroes were busy fighting the monsters, Saitama is currently participating in the Super Fight 22 tournament as Charanko. If his real identity won’t be revealed, there is a strong chance that Saitama will become the new champion — and will bring home the three million prize. All of the participants look weak, except for Suiryu, the master of the “Dark Corporeal Fist.” Suiryu only joined the Super Fight 22 tournament to fight Garou.