Farrah Abraham’s See-Through Braless Look Has Instagram Calling Her ‘Michael Jackson’ And An ‘Infection’

Rodrigo VarelaGetty Images

Slamming Farrah Abraham’s Instagram with negative comments appears to be en vogue. The Teen Mom OG star’s near-daily updates are frequently subjected to a plethora of spiteful and trolling comments, and Farrah’s May 7 update proved to be another example of this.

Late Tuesday night, the 27-year-old updated her Instagram account. A risqué picture showed Abraham going fully braless beneath a clear plastic jacket. The acrylic jacket was matched by a pair of pants in the same sheer green. Carefully positioned buttons almost covered Farrah’s modesty, although something about the full-frontal pose and semi-provocative gaze suggested that Abrahan hadn’t intended to go low-key. Farrah sat on a regal red velvet chair with decorative wood carvings.

Comments poured in fast. While blogger Perez Hilton called the chair “dope,” other comments made a beeline for Farrah’s appearance. One user compared her to a deceased celebrity known for his extensive plastic surgery.

“Looking a bit like Michael Jackson. Way too much work done! Wow.”

Another user sent out a more cryptic — and arguably more hurtful — comment.

“You look like an infection.”

Farrah was likewise compared to a “Ken barbie doll,” and a male “in drag.” The Nebraska-born star’s admissions of having undergone cosmetic surgery were being chronicled as early as 2012. It’s been nearly seven years since E! Online reported on Farrah as “[showing] off” her “brand-new” face.

Negative feedback for Abraham’s May 7 update appeared to come in two forms. While many users slammed the star for her appearance, a significant chunk of Farrah’s followers honed in on her apparent inability to spell the word “throne.” Her spelling of “thrown” launched a wave of backlash. “Throne you moron!!!” one user wrote, adding, “It’s spelled throne.” Another user took the correctly-spelled word and wrote it out in caps.

Incidents of celebrities misspelling words have gone viral before. Kim Kardashian’s inability to spell “gluten” made Cosmopolitan‘s headlines last year. For Farrah, however, the comments seemed to go beyond pointing out an incorrectly-spelled word. One user took the spelling error personally, it appears.

“You sit on a throne of LIES.”

In a vulgar comment, another user suggested that Abraham “open a book” rather than her legs.

Farrah’s career is now punctuated with a question mark. Earlier years saw this mother of one filmed as she handled the challenges of teen motherhood, and of raising her daughter alone. In March, Cosmopolitan reported Farrah choosing to “quit” the Teen Mom franchise in favor of a career in the adult video industry. With sex tapes circulating the internet, Farrah’s role as a mother has come under fire.

Farrah has 2.3 million Instagram followers. While many appear to be dedicated fans, there’s no denying that a hefty proportion or these followers seem hell-bent on ridiculing her.