Olympic Champion Simone Biles Puts Sculpted Athletic Body On Display In Barely-There Bikini On Instagram

Laurence GriffithsGetty Images

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit took to popular social media site Instagram on Wednesday to post a sexy clip of Olympic champion Simone Biles as they announced her return to modeling with the magazine.

The American Olympic gymnast is featured in several different bikinis in the video, all of which are tiny two-pieces that bare her midriff and put her sculpted figure on display. The model twists and turns her athletic figure for the camera in front of a beachside background while alternating between flashing a huge white smile for her fans or a pouty, sultry gaze. Simone wears a touch of eye makeup in the video while her long dark hair flows behind her.

The sports magazine tagged the clip’s geolocation as Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, where the model was filmed and photographed in front of a picturesque, tropical paradise. The caption announces Simone’s return to swimsuit modeling with Sports Illustrated, ending with “and she’s here to prove that STRONG IS SEXY.”

Fans of the magazine and model were thrilled with the news of her return, leaving comments conveying their excitement and expressing their awe of her figure.

One of SI Swimsuit’s almost 2 million followers wrote, “Yassss girl, giving us liiiife!”

Another commented, “A phenomenal woman!”

The 22-year-old gymnast star inspires aspiring gymnasts and athletes all over the world. She has won four Olympic gold medals and a bronze medal. She also owns the most world medals in U.S. history at 14 and the most championship gold medals of any female gymnast at 10.

In an interview with actress Priyanka Chopra in her YouTube series, If I Could Tell You Just One Thing, Simone spoke out about having suffered abuse at the hands of former Olympic doctor Larry Nassar, currently behind bars for sexually abusing young women and girls for decades under the pretense of giving them medical treatments.

According to The Inquisitr, Simone admitted to using sleep as a way to escape the pain she experienced as the result of the abuse.

“I told one of my lawyers, I said, ‘I sleep all the time, because it’s the closest thing to death.”

The gymnast was one of many who came forward to testify against Nassar in his trial for the crimes he committed, which concluded in January 2018. Although originally hesitant to share the truth with the world and risk how others saw her, Simone eventually decided to come forward and join the testimonies of the hundreds of women and girls who suffered at the hands of the doctor.