Tammy Hembrow Shows Off New Athletic Garb While Popping Booty-Revealing Squats In The Gym

Jono SearleGetty Images

Instagram model Tammy Hembrow is all about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, which she documents on her account with NSFW photos and videos flaunting her sculpted physique. The model took to the popular social media site on Tuesday to post a clip of her latest workout in the gym.

In the video, Tammy is in the gym with her back facing the camera as she performs squats with a weighted bar in front of the mirror. She is dressed in a matching light purple sports bra and leggings that leave little of her body to the imagination as they hug every curve. She added a simple pair of white socks and sneakers to the workout outfit and has her straight blonde hair pulled up into a high bun.

Throughout the clip, fans of the gym buff can watch as her sculpted back muscles ripple beneath the weight of the bar as she executes each low squat. With her back facing the camera, viewers also get the perfect view of her flexed ample backside, one of her most famous assets.

In the caption, Tammy promotes the clothing line Women’s Best Wear, which provides seamless workout clothing for women. She urges her fans to check it out while adding a cheeky comment telling them the clothes are super comfy and “squat proof.”

As usual, the model’s 9.4 million followers went crazy for the newest post, leaving her comments about how sexy she is and how much she inspires them while filling the comment section with fire and heart emoji.

One Instagram user commented, “girl love seeing you workout. do more videos. you look amazing btw,” while another suggested that she do a Q&A about her fitness journey. Other fans told her that she was “goals” and asked how they could achieve a body like hers.

Although Tammy is promoting a different brand in her post, she has her own athleisure line, called Saski Collection. On the website, the brand is described as having “been created for women with a passion for fitness and fashion, with each piece designed with a focus on both strength and style.”

The high-quality tights, crop tops, and hoodies are sold in over 190 countries, bringing in a revenue of around $3.6 million, according to The Daily Mail. In 2018, the company was even awarded one of Westpac’s 2018 200 Businesses of Tomorrow after just a year after it was started.

Tammy says of her company, “With Saski Collection I was able to marry fitness and fashion, it was the perfect match.”