Katy Perry Falls And Can’t Get Up In Awkward Met Gala Video

Kevin WinterGetty Images for Coachella

Oops! Katy Perry suffered a pretty awkward fall while attending the 2019 Met Gala on May 6. The star, who walked the red carpet dressed as a chandelier but then changed into a huge burger costume for the Gucci after party, could be seen busting a move at a gathering after the prestigious fashion event before falling straight onto her side and being unable to get up.

A video obtained by Page Six showed Katy in her big, bedazzled burger costume dancing the night away with friends before then losing her balance as she hit the dancefloor.

The American Idol judge, who sits alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan on the ABC singing show, then began to tumble and waved both of her arms around in an attempt to stop herself from falling to the ground. However, the star’s over-the-top costume was so huge – and seemingly so heavy – that she couldn’t seem to get her balance and ended up falling flat on the floor.

She then couldn’t seem to get herself back up and had to call in reinforcement from those around her. Three men were seen in the clip helping Perry to get back on her feet, first pushing her up and then lifting her from the ground.

However, one of Katy’s friends downplayed the pretty awkward fall by joking that the tumble was in fact all part of the pop superstar’s performance art for the night as the dressed up as the fast food to take part in the flamboyant “Camp: Notes on Fashion” theme.

“And she’s back up!” the “Bon Appetit” singer’s friend said in the clip shared by the news outlet this week, before then quipping, “That was part of her performance art.”

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According to Footwear News, Perry’s very unique burger-inspired look was a costume designed by the creative director at Moschino, Jeremy Scott. Not only did she dress like a burger on the outside, but the star was also wearing a green, lettuce-inspired mini-dress under the ensemble and burger shoes on her feet.

But the fall wasn’t the only awkward moment Katy suffered at the hands of her fashion-forward ensemble.

As The Inquisitr also reported, the singer had a run-in with Jennifer Lopez at the event held at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A viral video shared online showed Perry changing into her burger costume in the bathroom when JLo walked past in a sparkly gown and headpiece.

Many fans claimed that the “Dinero” singer appeared to ignore her fellow pop star as she struggled to wrap the burger costume around her while one of her friends filmed the whole ordeal.