Isabelle Mathers Ditches Bikini Top & Poses Laying Down On Instagram


Isabelle Mathers stunned in a new shot for a bikini campaign on Instagram, and fans are loving it so far. The photo showed the model laying on her back with her knees up as she ditched her red bikini top and censored herself with her right arm. The top lay on the ground by her left elbow as she tugged at her string bikini bottoms with her left hand. She was surrounded by other red items, like a red Polaroid camera, a plate with raspberries, and a red drink in a glass. There was also an open book by her head, and she appeared to have her eyes closed as she soaked up the rays.

Meanwhile, the model’s been updating her fans through her own social media updates. Her newest post is a couple of selfies that she took while wearing a white top. Her hair was down in casual waves, and her eyes popped against her foundation and dark mascara. In the first shot, she put her right thumb in her mouth. And in the second photo, Isabelle played with her tongue as she appeared to lick her lip. The playful update received over 131,000 likes in the past six days.

In addition, she shared a photo via her Instagram Stories that showed her posing in yet another swimsuit. In the photo, she lay on a man’s leg as she sported a blue and white striped swimsuit. Mathers wore a matching bikini top and placed her legs against a boat railing.

Previously, Isabelle and her sister Olivia opened up to The Daily Mail about how they manage to stay in such great shape.

“My typical diet is a coffee with either fried, scrambled or boiled eggs in the morning. For lunch I make a salad or get sushi and I have a piece of meat with salad or veggies for dinner. I don’t avoid any foods, I generally just eat whatever I crave.”

Olivia was much more outspoken during the interview, as she also talked about her off days.

“There’s definitely those bloated and bad skin days I find myself searching for some back up confidence. Jumping in front of the camera for a whole day when I feel like I’d rather be doing anything else has got to be one thing about modeling that’s not ideal.”

The sisters have both amassed an impressive set of loyal followers on social media, and their fans would hardly ever imagine that they could have bad skin days.