Rihanna Flaunts Cleavage In Strapless Bra On Instagram

Rihanna's been spotted in some sexy outfits to promote her Savage x Fenty line in recent months. And now, a new Instagram update shows the singer in a strapless bra that let her flaunt her cleavage. In the photo, she posed in front of a tropical-themed backdrop while bathed in a light purple light. She wore her hair down and looked to her left while placing her hands on her hips. She accessorized with a pair of sunglasses and a chunky necklace while wearing dark lipstick. The photo received over 58,000 likes in the past six hours.

On the other hand, Rihanna's been posting separate photos on her personal page. And seven days ago, she shared a different photo from the same photoshoot and bra. Except in that shot, Rihanna looked straight at the camera with the sunglasses pushed down her nose. She faced her left shoulder to the camera and pursed her lips in a slight smile.

And that's not all, as Rihanna also shared a video on Instagram to promote her brand. The clips included behind-the-scenes looks at her photoshoots, along with other models rocking her lingerie. Rihanna was spotted several times throughout the video, at one point looking stunning in a black bodysuit with an extremely low neckline.

The singer previously spoke with Vogue about her life, career, and turning 30-years-old.
"Even mentally, just to be away from my phone, to be in the moment, that has been key for my growth. Now, when I come to work, I'm all in. Because before you know it, the years will go by. I'm glad I'm taking the time."
"OK, so now that I'm 30, are there things I'm supposed to do? Should I be worried?" she asked, wondering the same thing many women her age also go through as they turn 30.

Rihanna also spoke about her Savage x Fenty line, specifically about her makeup offerings that aim to be inclusive of all skin types and colors.

"As a black woman, I could not live with myself if I didn't do that. But what I didn't anticipate was the way people would get emotional about finding their complexion on the shelf, that this would be a groundbreaking moment."
So far, it certainly sounds as though her brand is a huge success. With so many options, not just in makeup but also for lingerie, the brand clearly wants to appeal to women of many backgrounds and physiques.