Lais Ribeiro Exposes Her Chest & Tugs On Swimsuit On Instagram

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Lais Ribeiro left little to the imagination in her newest Instagram update, which she posted to create anticipation for the newest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. The magazine is available on the stands tomorrow, and the model sounds excited about it. In the photo that was taken for Sports Illustrated, Ribeiro was spotted standing at the beach with the ocean in the backdrop. She wore a mesh swimsuit and a black and yellow thong-cut bikini bottom. And while the ensemble was undoubtably revealing to begin with, Lais made it even more so as she grabbed the straps of the swimsuit. That left the swimsuits looking more like two thin strings, which barely covered her chest.

The model’s second-newest update was quite different, as she shared a casual selfie. In the photo, Ribeiro wore an olive green sweater with a v-neck, which she accessorized with a necklace with a single puka shell. She also wore diamond earrings, and looked great in heavy blush and pink eyeshadow. The photo received over 46,000 likes.

But prior to that, the model shared another shot on Instagram that appeared to be from a Sports Illustrated photoshoot. In it, she posed in a zebra-print bikini while laying on the ground. Fans are likely looking forward to seeing what shots of Lais will be in the magazine.

Ribeiro previously opened up to Vogue UK about her career, and answered a question about why she wasn’t in runway shows as much as she used to be.

“Walking in shows is so great. It’s such a privilege to be the first to see each designer’s collection before the editors and the public. I enjoy it all… shows, advertising, editorial – but there’s only one of me so I can’t be in two places at one time.”


And interestingly enough, Lais also talked about how she had been keeping her son, then 7-years-old, in the dark about her job.

“He actually doesn’t really know what I do. When my Self story came out, he saw the pictures and asked if it was me… I said it was me and that it’s my job and he replied, ‘What? Are you famous or something?'”

It’s possible that Lais has explained her role as a well-known model to her son by now, because yes, she’s certainly famous, with over 2.1 million followers on Instagram. Plus, her work with other brands, including Sports Illustrated, has made her one of the more recognizable figures in the industry.

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