Devon Erickson Facebook: Social Media Pictures Give Clues About Alleged Colorado School Shooter

Tom CooperGetty Images

Devon Erickson has been identified as the suspect who opened fire inside STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado on Tuesday, an attack that left one student dead and several others injured.

Now, the teen’s Facebook page is getting some viral attention as people search for clues as to why he and another student allegedly launched the attack at the K-12 STEM school outside of Denver.

Law enforcement sources on Tuesday evening reportedly confirmed Erickson’s identity to local and national outlets, including the Washington Times, though police have not yet officially named either suspect.

But even before Devon Erickson’s name was confirmed by news outlets, many had ascertained his identity from police scanners and scoured the internet for clues on his social media. Pictures from the alleged Colorado school shooter’s Facebook page soon spread across social media showing the light-framed teen, who had shaggy hair that appeared to be dyed blonde in one photo and dark brown in another.

The page matching the name of the alleged Colorado school shooting suspect showed that he lived in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, the site of Tuesday’s attack. Devon Erickson listed a number of hobbies including paintball and video games, as well as the television show The Walking Dead and the Denver Broncos.

One picture appeared to show a figure standing on the roof of what looked to be a school building, a picture that Erickson had made his profile image at one point.

But there were little indications that Devon Erickson may have been planning violence. There did not appear to be any references or pictures of guns, and the page painted a picture of a normal teenager — hanging out with friends at a concert in the summer, sharing pictures of his favorite sports teams, and thanking friends for leaving birthday wishes.

Police have released no details about the possible motive for the attack, which took place just miles from Columbine High School, the site of one of the deadliest school shootings in American history. As WRAL reported, two suspects walked into the school and began shooting at students in two classrooms.

Deputies from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department arrived within minutes, which Sheriff Tony Spurlock said likely prevented more bloodshed.

“I have to believe that the quick response of the officers that got inside that school helped save lives,” Spurlock said.

Police have not named the other suspect, but Spurlock said that both shooters had not been previously known to police. They have not yet officially confirmed Devon Erickson as the suspect in the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting.